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    I’ve had a new issue develop that I’ve not experienced before, nor do I see referenced on this forum.

    When I try to print to Winfax (10.02) the send dialog window will open normally, and load the default cover page however the page to be sent does not appear – either in thumbnail or window view. If I send or ‘hold’, only the cover page goes.

    The .fxd file is created with the image OK and can be seen using Windows Explorer.

    No problems with attachments.

    The problem just developed when I tried to send a doc to the fax while the Send Dialog annotate window was open. (Happens often. We usually just get an error message, ‘close the window and try again’.)

    I have uninstalled and reinstalled the program, no help. I have tried many of the fixes at the Symantec site also – delete temp files, reinstall Winfax printer (insprint.exe). Suspecting printer conflicts, I’ve also uninstalled my HP Officejet – no help.

    I installed IE 7.0, and experienced many of the number entry issues described on this forum (The fixes here worked! Thank you.) Could IE 7 be responsible here too? (It’s been a while since the IE upgrade, this problem just developed.)

    Class 1 Internal Modem TAPI port (working fine)
    Running XP, SP2


    did you start the controller first before printing to the WinFax PRO printer driver?


    I had the same problem and got Symantec’s techie to help me through emptying out some registry areas, but now they don’t support it. I’m having the same issue again and don’t know what to do. Uninstall and reinstall won’t fix it.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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