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  • garilou

    Just want to say thank you!
    I have now settled everything, recovered my lost phone books!
    And I have learned to find my way through the registry edit, and I guess that will help me in other circumstances.

    I have to learn a lot the hard way, be it in the computer, or running the snow blower or the tractor!

    When my husband died, so many said I wouldn’t make it over the winter, we had the hardest winter in more than 50 years, and I went though all by my-self!

    Now comes the spring! My first flowers for you!

    You (or all of you) have been a great help!

    It like with your good dentist, I love you a lot, but I wish I won’t need your services too soon again 🙂

    Thanks again,



    Thank you so much!
    I have found them… I would never have thought!
    The search showed a path :
    C:documents and settingAll UsersDocumentsApplication DataSymantecPhone books.
    But when I opened the folder
    C:Documents and SettingAll Users the was NO “Documents” folder
    The name was “Shared Documents “and when opened, this folder changes automatically to Documents in which there is another Application Data and there they were!

    I have so many Application data folders, (I must have 5!) they are like Russian dolls ???

    Anyway, 2 last questions, and I’ll leave you (I really hope) in peace.

    Question 1:

    In that folder: C:documents and settingAll UsersDocumentsApplication DataSymantec
    I have 4 sub-folders:
    1. Coverpages. This one I really don’t need, I have my cover Page in C:Program FilesSymantecWinFaxCovers
    2. Phone books: the one I need to move
    3. Shared in which I have an empty message folder, and “something” called “MyProfile.UserProfile” described as a LiveReg user profile (very old: 2005) that I cannot in no way find through search… Do I need that?
    4. WinFax Data where a file “MY BACKUP DATA.WFA” that I find no where in the C:Program FilesSymantecWinFax: I think it is not useful anymore, since I make my back-ups on a separate hard disk.

    Should I simply move the Phone books folder back in C:Program FilesSymantecWinFaxData and then correct the paths in the registry? And forget about the other ones?

    Question 2:
    2.1 Where are the scanned files kept as attachments saved? Are they in the C:Program FilesSymantecWinFax?
    2.2 And where are all the sent and received logs? I still have access to them when I open the program, so I guess there ARE somewhere but there are so many files in pile there, and I do not understand what is what, and losing them would be THE catastrophe.

    Thanks, and I’m sure part of your answer will help others too…



    Dear Moderator(s),
    I understand very well that you do not know me, and that you try to help me as well as you can.
    Although I am not a high level specialist, I am also not a total beginner.

    I wrote it in my last post:

    “I made sure that there were no hidden files in the AllUsersDocumentsApplication Data… made a refresh, I still can’t see any Symantec folder.”

    When I found the files while doing a search including hidden files, the first thing that I did was just what you now tell me to do: the files are not there or at least totally invisible.

    If I have to abandon the idea that I could recover those phonebooks, I won’t make a drama about it, but I wounder how come I never got an error message when I scrupulously made my back-ups each time I changed something in WinFax.

    I am really sorry to give you and/or your co-moderators so much trouble, but my trouble is very annoying, and I guess for you it’s a challenge too.

    So please, don’t let me down, your team seems to know a lot and to be so willing to help, I am amazed!



    You wrote:

    “So the question is, where are these 2 WinFax phonebooks located now? “

    Yes that is the question or one of them…

    I am totally confused. The mystery gets deeper and deeper.

    I made the searches that you proposed. At first I found nothing.
    Then I refined the search to look in hidden files: there they appeared in the AllUsersDocumentsApplication DataSymantecPhone Books, but when I looked the AllUsersDocumentsApplication Data Folder, there was absolutely no Symantec folder at all.
    I made sure that there were no hidden files in the AllUsersDocumentsApplication Data… made a refresh, I still can’t see any Symantec folder.

    I have never seen such a thing!

    I live alone here, unless I have phantom visitors (and I do have a mighty firewall), no one ever logs in as “another user”. If one of my sons visits me occasionally and needs my computer, (which is rare, they tend to use my late husband’s computer that is always running 3 feet away from mine) the computer is already turned on, and they will use it to surf the Web.

    You wrote:
    “it appears the “Phone book” folder was created manually. WinFax does not create this, therefore, you would not have the “Phone book” folder underneath the Symantec folder if you log in to window s with a different account name.
    Since I did not install the program myself, I can’t swear, but I remember that Peter used always to say: “Install the way the program suggests, never take initiatives…”
    Maybe he did try to create that file, because most programs install their data in Application Data and the application data were globally backed-up every night… Maybe… he will never be able to explain that to me anymore.

    But since I can’t find them, I might as well consider those books as lost.
    If I consider them as lost, can I destroy them through the regedit.exe? (The program it-self does not allow me to delete them: it always give that disk error.)

    Since I still have all the logs, I could find the fax numbers easily.

    But back to the beginning, because I do not want to take to much of you time:

    Assuming those 2 phone books were not to be found, what could I do so that my default “My Phone Book”.. would work… I mean that I could send a fax to a recipient whose fax data are entered in the phone book, and that I do not need to write the number by hand each time, since this was the only way I was able to send a fax since 2 days.

    At the end of your Post, you write:

    “C:Documents and settingsApplication DataSymantecPhone Book”

    and you ask:

    Does “” match what was listed in the Windows registry for the WinFax phonebooks path?

    The answer is yes, but as I explained, when I simply look in my files, “C:Documents and settingsApplication DataSymantecPhone Book” simply does not exist.

    Many questions… I know… I hate to be so dependant.

    Thank you dear Moderator (or Moderators?)


    Back again.
    I went to see the Windows registry key.
    Here is what I found as for the path.
    The first lost phonebook named “Louise” has the following path:
    C: Documents and settings”my full name”Application Data SymantecPhone BookLouise.

    Same for the other lost phone book except for the name: Peter instead of Louise.

    But in my folder C: Documents and settings”my full name”Application Data, I have absolutely nothing like that, and can’t remember I have ever had: My husband installed the program years ago, and maybe he did not create – or have WinFax create – that folder.
    Something really must have changed, because those 2 Phonebooks used to work properly since not long.

    As to the “My Phone Book, the path is like one of those you suggested:
    C:Program FilesSymantecWinFaxDataMY-PH-BK, but there I find all following files that include in their name:

    MY-PH-BK. As you can see, some are very old. I guess the real one (which includes very few numbers) would be the biggest one (25 KB).

    Date modified

    MY-PH-BK2.WFD 1KB 2008-04-24
    MY-PH-BK2.WFG 1KB 2008-04-24
    MY-PH-BK2.WFX 2KB 2008-04-24
    MY-PH-BK.WFB 1KB 2005-11-11
    MY-PH-BK.WFD 3KB 2008-04-24
    MY-PH-BK.WFF 1KB 2008-04-24
    MY-PH-BK.WFG 1KB 2008-04-24
    MY-PH-BK.WFR 0KB 2005-11-11
    MY-PH-BK.WFX 25KB 2008-04-24
    MY-PH-BKS.WFD 1KB 2005-11-11
    MY-PH-BKS.WFG 1KB 2006-04-29
    MY-PH-BKS.WFX 3KB 2005-11-11

    But I don’t trust myself to change anything, neither there nor in the registry edit… since even that default Phone Book does not work properly: when I choose one of the recipients, the number that appears on the Fax to be sent is perfectly OK, but the connection never works. Since yesterday, the only Fax I was able to send properly was the one when I entered the number by hand without using the the Phone Book entry.

    Does this help you … to keep helping me?

    I would really prefer to have all my data in the C: Documents and settings”my full name”Application Data Symantec

    that does not exist right now.

    Is it too late to change that without loosing my other (much more important) files, like my receive and sent logs and all my files documents.

    Thanks again,


    Thank you again. I replied to the other post first. Now I shall look into the information you just gave to me, and I’ll tell you what I found (or did not).I can’t tell you how much I appreciate your help!

    I hope this will help other people too eventually!

    in reply to: Unable to send – No contact to called Fax #8514

    You wrote: “That “grumbling” you hear is likely the record voice message (operator) telling you to dial an area code or long distance number. Its possible that your local area code and dialing settings within WinFax have changed.
    I followed your advise and went to the ” Tools, Program Setup, Dialing & Locations” and checked.
    I noticed that my area code was there, but not the rest of my phone number. (My Fax and home phone number are the same).
    I thought: “Yep! that must have been the problem!”
    And tried again!
    🙁 Did not work.

    Now I just had the idea of trying not to use the data from any phonebook, but to enter everything manually right when trying to send a new fax… and it worked!!! 😀

    So I guess now, everything comes back to my first post: What is wrong with the phone books all of a sudden?
    Assuming that I do not need two separate folders, one for me and one for my husband, still, the one that did not generate the “disk error”, the default “My phonebook”, does not seem to be working too well either.

    I thank you so much, I guess if you keep helping me we’ll come to it and I shall be soooooo grateful!

    in reply to: Unable to send – No contact to called Fax #8512

    Although yes, during the many trials that I did, I could hear the dialing process, and had tried to fax to other faxes. But I had not tried to fax to a phone. Now I did just what you suggested, and tried to “fax” my cell phone. This worked just fine: my cell phone (which has a different – long distance – area code then my home phone) received the call.
    Just now, I tried once again my friend’s Fax: same thing as yesterday: many beeps, then the “grumbling”, and then the sending window disappears and try again a few minutes later, as programmed.

    I use Winfax 10.0, and as previously mentioned Windows XP Home.

    Sure I am also somewhat reluctant to reinstalling, since nothing changed in my computer: the problem stayed exactly the same before and after I restore my computer to a previous date, a date when the Fax worked fine.

    In the past years I did not use it very often, and since the phone modem was installed on my computer my husband and I used the same one. But since my husband died last summer, and because I live quite far from a big city, I need it much more now, and most of all, I have saved as attachments so many important papers that are always required: I do not always send them as Faxes, sometimes I just need to print them. But scanning all those again would take me so much time! If ever I could not recover them, it would be a huge task.

    Thanks again so much for your help!


    Thanks for your prompt replies

    The phonebooks were on the same drive as the program, and where they have always been, my main hard disk, and only the phonebooks were not accessible. And no, I have not changed any hardware.
    The back-up were on a separate hard disk, and the path to the back-up that WinFax showed was the right one. They were in a special Data file created by Winfax in the “Programs” section, and not in the Application data. I kept wondering if I should change that without loosing something, that’s why I made back-ups each time I had something new in the data.

    A total mystery for me.

    If it were just for the phone books, I would not consider re-installing the program, especially considering that I was unable to recover the back-ups. Further on the next post.

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