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  • in reply to: reinstall under win xp sp3 fails during install #8859

    the problem isn’t specifically SP3, but appears to be something that is added to the OS (OS System files) with the installation of Internet Explorer 7.

    It doesn’t occur on all systems, so it is difficult to determine the cause of the problem.

    in reply to: Com3 is already open. Close port and try again #8855

    Welcome to the forums,

    its unusual that you would get this error after it WinFax attempts to dial and send a fax, usually, this error would occur immediately before attempting to access the fax modem to send the fax.

    This problem is likely caused by other application that is attempting to access the fax modem. This could be another fax program you have installed, Microsoft Fax, or another communications application that may be using the fax modem.

    You can try the following,

    – change WinFax settings to use “TAPI” instead of “COM3” (under Modem & Communication Devices in Setup)
    – Turn off any other applications that might be using the fax modem at the same time (Microsoft Fax, FaxTalk etc.)

    Test the fax modem to make sure Windows XP can detect it properly on COM3


    renaming attach.db has nothing to do with the patch update, the patch update does not work with Italian version of WinFax.

    ITry renaming attach.db in regards to the problem with the error converting the attachment file.

    in reply to: !!URGENT PLEASE!! #8852

    There is no easy way to estimate how many faxes you can send a day without first estimating the time to send a single fax, because there are many factors invoved. The validity of the fax numbers you are sending, the amount of pages you are sending, the quality and contents of the fax, the time it takes for the fax machine to answer the call, unexpected line noise errors or other fax related errors that may cause the fax to be re-transmitted. All these factors increase the call times. These are all unknowns.

    There is no limit to how many faxes you can send. A properly configured WinFax can manage UP TO 2,000 faxes per day but I would expect you require 2 modems to do this, and 2 fax lines, sending faxes at the same time. (Assume 1 page fax, 1 minute per fax) no answer, fax sending problem or incorrect fax number will cause sending times to increase.

    It is safe to say, you can manage anywhere UP TO 1.000 single page faxes per day with WinFax on a single line.

    in reply to: support for 2 phone lines #8828

    @ringadeal wrote:

    By the way, is FaxTalk FaxCenter Pro 7.5 software created by your company? Is it comparable to winfax plus more and less buggy?

    No , this software is by Thought Communications. We are authorized resellers.
    It is comparable to WinFax, and has similar features. It does not support 2 modems on a standard installation, it will only support 1 fax modem.

    in reply to: support for 2 phone lines #8827

    @ringadeal wrote:

    In the program setup dialogue box, under the “Modems and Communication Devices”, US Robotics is no longer listed. I clicked on “Add” and US Robotics is listed with the words “Not Present”. What does this mean and how do I resolve this issue?

    “Not present” indicates that Windows XP does not detect the modem. If this happens, WinFax PRO cannot use the modem. This is why it is no longer listed in WinFax “Modems & Communications Devices”

    Check your power & cable connections to ensure everything is properly connected.

    in reply to: Winfax 10.1 and XP prof 2002 . SP2 #7536

    I am not familiar with this modem model,

    i suggest posting results of modem diagnostic codes ATi3 ATi4 etc.

    Checking the Modem:

    From Windows XP START, select Control Panel.
    Doubleclick System.
    This brings up System Properties.
    Select the Hardware tab.
    Then, select Device Manager

    The Device Manager is displayed. In some cases, you’ll only have 1 modem related entry ; with some PCI modems, a modem or PCI enumerator may also be involved. You can also test the basic operation of the modem from the Device Manager

    In Device Manager, the modem tree is expanded, the modem entry is right-clicked, then Properties is selected in the drop-down menu; The Diagnostics tab of the modem Properties box is selected; this pane includes a Query Modem button: if the modem is correctly installed, the box above the button will display a list of at commands (ati3 , ati4 etc.) and the modem’s actual response to them when you click the Query Modem button.

    in reply to: Winfax 10.1 and XP prof 2002 . SP2 #7534

    my suggestion is .

    1. Reinstall WinFax PRO overtop your existing installation (without uninstalling first) so you can repair the corrupted installation.

    2. Find out the manufacturer & type of fax modem you have installed and make sure you have the latest fax modem drivers for your modem. Install the proper fax modem drivers for Windows XP SP2.

    in reply to: Winfax 10.1 and XP prof 2002 . SP2 #7532

    need more details,

    have you tested another fax number?
    is there any error message?
    Does it dial the number and do you hear the other fax machine attempting to answer the call? Do you see “Negotiating ..” message or “Training” message in WinFax screen?
    What is the error message in the send log when it fails?

    in reply to: no carrier when sending #8840

    No carrier is a message response from the fax modem, when using WinFax the message could be the result of :

    a. no answer after 55 seconds (55 seconds is the default time before modem hangs up with No carrier message)
    b. a voice answered, answering machine, voice mail, recording etc. but no fax signal detected within 55 seconds. ( not a fax number)
    c.the line was busy, but the modem did not detect the busy signal, hangs up after 55 seconds.
    d. some other problem where the fax did not respond, and modem hangs up after 55 second wait for a signal.

    usually, its the common result of NO CARRIER message is a or b.

    in reply to: support for 2 phone lines #8837

    You’re welcome.

    Here is an example of serial port cards,
    the first two cards in this list, a 1 port card, and a 2 port card.


    in reply to: support for 2 phone lines #8835

    The port for the monitor is not the same port for the modem, do not confuse the two ports. You cannot plug in a modem into a VGA monitor port. The connectors are the same size, but If you look closely, the VGA monitor port has 15 pins, while the modem (Serial) port has 9. Do not attempt to plug in your modem into the VGA port.

    if you are using an external modem, it is a serial 9 pin port you require. These are found in 9 pin male on the computer side. Newer machines usually don’t come with serial ports anymore.

    If your computer does not have a serial port, you need to buy a serial port card. The type of card you need depends on the type of free slot you have on the computer. They are available in PCI and PCIe type cards.

    in reply to: UPDATE WINFAX PRO 10.0 TO THE LATEST VERSION #8839

    Symantec has discontinued WinFax and it is no longer sold, or upgraded.

    If you are required to upgrade to Windows 7, you can consider switching Fax software to FaxTalk FaxCenter Pro 7.5

    in reply to: Document integration not working #8806

    Ok . WinXP Fax is no comparison to WinFax, but if this is all you require and works for you.

    in reply to: Document integration not working #8804

    First start with Basic test of the WinFax Printer. Without this function, you cannot print or attach any items from any application .

    Go to Control Panel, Printers,
    do you have both WinFax and WinFax (Photo Quality) printers listed? You should see both. If you only see one, there was a problem. If you see none, then they are not installed. If you see both, then the printers were installed in Windows. Now we need to make sure they are both working.

    Start Controller so it is active in system tray. (Wait until yellow controller is ready in system tray)
    Go to Control Panel, Printers. Select the WinFax Printer, right-click icon with mouse.
    Click Properies.
    The WinFax printer properties page displays.
    Click Print Test Page.
    Does WinFax Send dialog box appear with Windows test page printed?

    If not, what error messages appear?

    Repeat steps for WinFax (Photo Quality) printer.

    If these steps result in errors, you need to confirm the date of the printer monitor files (see previous message) should be dated 12/12/2002

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