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With a premium subscription you have access to forum support, downloads of many WinFax related files and updates and exclusive usage of our custom designed WinFax Tools software utility. With help from WinFax Tools and the WinFax Forums, you can diagnose and repair many common WinFax PRO problems and continue using WinFax PRO with Microsoft Windows XP (up to Service Pack 3), Windows 2003 or Windows 2000.

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IMPORTANT UPDATE: Full access to WinFax Tools and this Web site requires SHA2 compatibility. Older Microsoft Windows operating systems do not support SHA2 (also called SHA256) authentication. Internet Explorer is no longer supported and will fail on this Web site. If you are accessing this site or using WinFax Tools with an operating system earlier than Windows XP Service Pack 3 (SP2 or earlier), Windows 2003 Server (SP2 or earlier), or Windows 2000 you will not be able to authenticate (login) to WinFax Tools or download files from this Web site. Internet Explorer is no longer supported. If you are using Windows XP SP2 or earlier, it is recommended to update to Service Pack 3 (SP3) for SHA2 support. If you are using Windows 2003 Server SP2 or earlier, you will require hot fix KB 938397.

IMPORTANT SECURITY UPDATE: In March 2017, Microsoft released a patch to update the supported versions of Microsoft Windows OS. All Windows Systems without this patch are vulnerable to a severe security issue. As of May 13th, 2017 an update is available for older, discontinued versions of Microsoft Windows. Please see Catalog Update to download a patch for your discontinued version of Microsoft Windows.

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