Easy to use Windows fax software, broadcast fax, network fax server, answering machine software for home and small business.

FaxTalk® fax software for Microsoft Windows® works with your traditional telephone, cable telephone or VoIP telephone service using a standard dial up fax modem.

FaxTalk software can replace your fax machine, internet fax service and basic or discontinued fax software like WinFax PRO®. No fax service subscription or internet connection is required. There are no per page fees. No page limits. No cloud storage fees. Truly unlimited faxing.

Fax for Healthcare

FaxTalk fax software is perfect for independent pharmacies, dental offices, doctors offices and other health care providers that rely on faxing.
FaxTalk can fax directly from your custom healthcare Microsoft Windows application. If you can print, you can fax. FaxTalk also Integrates directly with PharmaClik Rx software by McKesson

Fax for your business

Every business needs the ability to send and receive important fax documents. FaxTalk fax software is perfect for government agencies, educational institutions, financial agencies, lawyers, insurance brokers, realtors, construction, hospitality and retail. Whether your business relies on faxing or you just send or receive the occasional fax, FaxTalk is the number one choice for your business.

FaxTalk Add-in for Microsoft Word

Add mail merge fax capabilities when you bundle FaxTalk Fax Merge Add-in for Microsoft Word with any FaxTalk software product. This add-in allows you to send personalized fax broadcasts directly from Microsoft Word. Use contact lists from Microsoft Access, Microsoft Excel spreadsheets, CSV, DBF, TXT and other Office or ODBC connected databases. Add quick click fax icons to your Microsoft Word ribbon interface. Select the FaxTalk virtual fax printer driver and switch back to your default physical printer automatically after faxing. Watch the Fax Merge Demo Video

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Use your telephone line

Use your traditional land-line or broadband land-line. No need to ‘port’ or change your existing fax number. Works with AT&T®, BT®, Verizon®, Bell®, Telus®, Telstra®, Vodafone®, Vonage®, Comcast®, U-Verse®, Rogers®, Time Warner® any many others. Can also work with VoIP SIP T.38 Fax Accounts connected to ATA devices.

Save Money

FaxTalk is not an internet fax service, so there are no monthly internet fax fees. You never pay per page. No document storage fees.  No wasted toner, ink or paper. Save all your incoming faxes in PDF format. Print only the faxes you need and discard junk faxes.

Fax as easy as printing

Faxing is as simple as printing. Fax from any program designed for Microsoft Windows® that can print. Combine multiple documents from various programs into a single fax. Send and receive faxes in the background without interrupting your work.

Unlimited faxing

Send or receive unlimited faxes with no restrictions. Support for up to 8 fax lines using FaxTalk Multiline Server. Support for V.34 (Super G3) High Speed faxing, Color Faxing, Photo-Quality images. Add the FaxTalk Fax Merge Add-in for Microsoft Word for personalized fax broadcasting.

Advanced features

includes features such as Network Fax Sharing, Color faxing, V.34 (Super G3) High Speed Fax, Photo-Quality output, Automatic e-mail forwarding, Voice Mail, Caller ID, Distinctive Ring, Notifications, PDF fax document support, Automatic Receive, Automatic Printing and much more.

Help & Support

Includes built in help reference and a user manual in PDF format. Plus you’ll receive 180 days of professional technical support from GetFaxing.com and Thought Communications.

Replace WinFax PRO

FaxTalk is the perfect fax software replacement for the popular and discontinued WinFax PRO® or Microsoft Windows Fax & Scan. FaxTalk is similar to the operation of WinFax PRO and FaxTalk can also import WinFax PRO® phone books and faxes. Have a non-working WinFax PRO installation or corrupt WinFax PRO files? We can repair, recover and import WinFax PRO phone books into FaxTalk. Contact us for more information and our rates.

Send Personalized Fax Broadcasts

FaxTalk can send scheduled fax broadcasts and you can also create and send personalized mail merge faxes using the mail merge feature of Microsoft Word (with the optional FaxTalk Fax Merge Add-in for Microsoft Word)


FaxTalk is compatible with 64 bit and 32 bit Microsoft Windows desktop and server operating systems. Support for Microsoft Windows 10, Microsoft Windows 8.1, Microsoft Windows 8, Microsoft Windows 7, Microsoft Windows Vista, and Microsoft Windows XP (SP3). Server operating systems include Microsoft Windows 2012, Microsoft Windows 2008 and Microsoft Windows 2003. FaxTalk Fax Merge Add-in for Microsoft Word requires a 32-bit version of Microsoft Word.

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