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Looking to finally retire your WinFax PRO software? FaxTalk fax software is a great choice as your WinFax PRO replacement. FaxTalk fax software supports the latest operating systems including Windows 10, so you can be sure that you’ll have many years of compatibility with FaxTalk fax software.  You’ll also find the operation of FaxTalk is similar to that of WinFax, so you don’t have to learn new and complicated software.

Import your WinFax phone books

FaxTalk can import your existing WinFax phone books, so you don’t lose your data or waste your time manually re-typing important data. If you have WinFax and FaxTalk installed on the same computer, the import process is a simple task of clicking on “File, Import”.  We also provide instructions on performing the import if using two different computers.

Transfer your faxes to the FaxTalk File Cabinet

FaxTalk can also import your faxes from your WinFax PRO send and receive logs from an existing WinFax PRO installation.  After import, your WinFax faxes are stored in the FaxTalk File Cabinet — a folder similar to the WinFax Attachments folder.

Repair or Recover an old WinFax installation

Have old data on a drive with your faxes or phonebooks? We can recover data from WinFax database and fax files (providing they are not corrupted beyond repair) and convert them for you. We can also repair a failed or corrupted WinFax PRO installation. Contact us for our rates.

Need a new fax modem?

We don’t only provide the software, we can also ship you a fax modem compatible with your operating system. The fax modems we sell are recommended and tested for use with FaxTalk software.

Try the software free for 15 days

Download a fully functional 15 day trial version Click here for more details on downloading your free trial version of FaxTalk software. You’ll also get a discount code for trying out the software when you purchase from our GetFaxing.com on-line store.

Compare some of the features of FaxTalk with WinFax PRO

FeatureFaxTalkWinFax PRO 10
Notes:* Requires a MAPI 32 bit compatible e-mail client such as Outlook, Microsoft Live Mail, Mozilla Thunderbird.
** Network Fax Sharing and Phone book sharing is available when connected to a FaxTalk Multiline Server Host.
*** Requires a connection to a FaxTalk client.
# Requires optional FaxTalk Fax Merge Add On
+ Requires Caller ID service from your phone company and compatible modem.
++ Requires Distinctive Ring service from your phone company and compatible modem.
++++ Requires a compatible Fax/Voice modem
Send and receive unlimited faxes
Voice Mail, Answering Machine, Multiple Mail Boxes, Call Screening, Call Recording
Number of Lines1

up to 8 with FaxTalk Multiline Server

Includes fax printer driver to fax from any Windows application
Network Phone book sharing**
Network Fax Sharing **
Automatic email of incoming faxes and voice mail**
Design custom cover sheets
Pre designed cover sheets

Includes 10 pre-designed cover sheets

Includes over 100 pre-designed cover sheets

Annotate, markup, rotate, print faxes
Export faxes to PDF
Super G3 Fax Support+, ++
Group fax broadcasting
Windows 10, 8, 7, Windows Vista and 64 bit and 32 bit support#
Fax Merge capability with Microsoft Word Mail Merge#