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FaxTalk Multiline Server

Improve efficiency and productivity in your business without spending a fortune for Windows fax software. FaxTalk Multiline Server includes local network fax sharing, phone book sharing and multiple fax modem support with the ability to use a third-party T.38 SIP fax service provider.

Use FaxTalk Multiline fax server software to send, receive and broadcast faxes quickly, efficiently, and easily. FaxTalk Multiline Server provides you with an affordable client/server solution that provides each user with the ability to send and receive faxes over the local network. With FaxTalk Multiline Server acting as a fax server and FaxTalk client software installed on the user’s computer your users can stop waiting in line to use the fax machine and quickly send faxes directly from their computer.

Save time and money with FaxTalk software

FaxTalk Multiline Server diagram
Diagram shown above shows FaxTalk Multiline Server connected to 4 clients. 3 clients can send and receive faxes and 1 client (outgoing only) is limited to sending only.

FaxTalk Multiline Server works as a standalone installation, or with optional clients installed on your local network. FaxTalk Multiline Server acts as the centralized computer where all incoming and outgoing transactions are handled. Each optional client makes a connection to the FaxTalk Multiline Server and each client can be configured with specific client privileges.

Plug in a fax modem and connect to the telephone line

A fax modem is a device that plugs to into your computer and connects to your existing telephone line. FaxTalk Multiline Server can support up to 8 fax modems. You can bundle an easy to install plug and play USB fax modem with any FaxTalk software purchase or use your existing fax modem. You can use your existing fax line, or a traditional standard land-line, digital cable, or internet based VoIP telephone line such as Vonage, Ooma, NetTalk, BasicTalk etc.

Compatible with T.38 SIP fax services

Want to ditch the traditional land-line? FaxTalk includes a built in T.38 SIP fax client and is compatible with many leading T.38 SIP internet fax service providers. With T.38 SIP, you can send and receive faxes in real time without the need of a telephone line, telephone wiring and fax modem hardware. T.38 is a direct connection between FaxTalk and the receiving or sending fax device, as with a legacy telephone line. Just enter your specific T.38 fax account details provided to you from your service provider into the FaxTalk connection setup and start sending and receiving faxes in real time.

Advanced time saving features

FaxTalk Multiline Server is loaded with advanced features that you won’t find on a standard fax machine. You can set FaxTalk to automatically answer calls at specified times, or route calls based on your distinctive ring service, save incoming faxes as PDF format and save a copy of your received faxes to cloud storage. You can configure FaxTalk with many additional options such as automatic e-mail forwarding, fax forwarding, distinctive ring, automatic printing, notifications etc.

No internet required

FaxTalk software gives you a choice how to send and receive your faxes. No internet connection required. You can use FaxTalk like a standard fax machine connected to a traditional telephone line. Faxes are sent and received directly from your desktop and can be viewed and stored by optional FaxTalk FaxCenter Pro clients on your network with no additional fax hardware or telephone lines. When using your own fax modem and a telephone line there are no internet fax service fees and no page fees.

With FaxTalk Multiline Server you can..

Creating faxes is as easy as printing

Fax from any Windows Application

Sending a fax from FaxTalk is quick and easy. FaxTalk works with any Microsoft Windows compatible desktop application that has a “print” function. Produce professional looking faxes by simply printing your documents to the FaxTalk virtual fax printer.

Attach documents from other applications

Combine multiple documents from various programs into a single fax. Attach almost any type of document formats including Microsoft Word and Adobe PDF. A compatible Microsoft Windows scanner or a multi-function printer/scanner can also be used to create fax images from printed documents or to add pages to an existing fax.

Receive faxes direct to your desktop

Manage, review, print received faxes

FaxTalk saves your toner, ink and paper by allowing to review your faxes on screen before they are printed. You can also set FaxTalk to automatically print faxes as they are received.

Block junk faxes

To help avoid junk or spam faxes, FaxTalk includes a junk fax filtering feature that can block the reception of faxes from unwanted recipients.

Automatically forward faxes via email

All incoming faxes can be automatically forwarded to an email address or another fax number. When forwarding via e-mail, the software includes the fax sender details and a copy of the entire fax in easy to view Adobe PDF or TIFF image format.

Phone books and custom cover sheets

Powerful phone book, group sending capabilities

Use the multiple phone book support to categorize contacts. Combine contacts within a phone book into groups that speed up multiple recipient selection. Import contacts from comma separated (CSV) files or access contacts directly from Microsoft Outlook (32 bit versions only) without the need to import.

Design custom cover sheets

Custom cover sheets can be designed using the included Cover sheet Designer. With the Cover sheet Designer you can add text, graphics, objects, company logos and defined fax information to create a completely unique cover sheet template that you can then use when sending faxes to your customers or clients.

A perfect replacement for WinFax PRO

FaxTalk software makes it easy for you to transition from WinFax PRO to FaxTalk.

Similar interface to WinFax PRO and TalkWorks PRO

Many of the standard fax operations you perform in WinFax PRO are also performed in the same manner with FaxTalk software, so you spend less time having to re-learn how to use your new fax software.

Import existing WinFax PRO data

No one likes to lose valuable data and spending hours re-entering phone books. FaxTalk includes import capabilities so you can import existing WinFax PRO phonebooks and WinFax PRO log files from a working installation of WinFax PRO. For more details on how the import process works, click here.

Recover WinFax PRO data

Do you have a non-working WinFax PRO system? We can help recover your installation so you can extract your data and export your phone books and/or logs. Contact us for rates.

FaxTalk is expandable

Fax Sharing with FaxTalk FaxCenter Pro clients

FaxTalk FaxCenter Pro clients can send and receive faxes over your local network when FaxTalk Multiline Server is installed. Fax enable additional workstations without requiring additional fax modems and telephone lines.

Expandable to up to 8 lines.

FaxTalk Multiline Server supports up to 8 fax modems or T.38 fax connections.

FaxTalk Application Programmers Interface (API)

With the FaxTalk API, developers can add faxing capabilities to custom applications. The FaxTalk API, documentation and sample programming code in C# is included with your FaxTalk license.

Enhance the capabilities of FaxTalk with optional third party applications

When used with optional add-on software you can enhance the functionality of the FaxTalk software. Fax directly from Sage ACT! (version 2011 or higher) with FaxAdmin software, or use the mail merge capabilities of Microsoft Word with the FaxTalk Fax Merge Add-on. Add faxing capabilities to your PharmaClik software.

Use with any standard fax modem

Connect up to 8 Fax Modems

A fax/voice modem is a device that plugs to into your computer and connects to your telephone line. You can bundle a easy to install plug and play USB fax/voice modem with any FaxTalk software purchase.


FaxTalk Multiline Server is compatible with most standard USB, internal, external and multi-line fax/voice modems that are Class 1, Class 2 or Class 2.1 compliant. FaxTalk Multiline Server supports up to 8 fax lines.

Distinctive Ring and Caller ID ready

FaxTalk is compatible with Distinctive Ring and Caller ID services from your telephone company. Route calls based on ring type patterns and also log Caller ID information. Compatible fax modem and telephone service required.

Easy one-click faxing from Microsoft Word

Quick and easy faxing from Microsoft Word

With the optional FaxTalk Fax Merge for Microsoft Word add-on, you can have quick and easy faxing directly from Microsoft Word. Add icons to your Microsoft Word toolbar and link directly to the Microsoft Word Mail Merge feature so you can broadcast personalized mail merge faxes with ease. Watch the Fax Merge in action here: FaxTalk Fax Merge Video

Personalized Broadcast Faxing

Design your fax document in Microsoft Word, insert unlimited mail merge fields, select your recipients from your Microsoft Office database source and click send. The FaxTalk Fax Merge add-on individually prepares each personalized fax, and automatically faxes them for you.

FaxTalk Multiline Server Screenshots

More Info

Designed for Microsoft Windows

Compatible with 64 bit and 32 bit versions of Microsoft Windows 11, Microsoft Windows 10, Microsoft Windows 8.x, Microsoft Windows 7, Microsoft Windows Vista, Microsoft Windows 2012/2008/2003 Server and Microsoft Windows XP.

Help & Support

Includes program help and a user manual in PDF format, plus 180 days of professional technical support from and Thought Communications.

Digital Download and CD ROM Backup

Your purchased software is distributed as a digital download. Optional backup CD ROM delivery for FaxTalk Multiline Server is also available.