About Us

Our History

Our passion is everything fax. We’ve been doing this on-line as GetFaxing.com since 2001, although we’ve been in this industry since 1991 when a small start-up in Canada named Delrina Technologies released their popular WinFax PRO fax software for Microsoft Windows 3.0.

For many years we provided support services and software add-ons for WinFax PRO. Symantec acquired Delrina in 1996 and discontinued sales and support of the WinFax PRO software product in 2005. We have since expanded our product line to include FaxTalk software from Thought Communications and continue to offer professional on-line remote support and sales to consumers, businesses and I.T. professionals around the world.

Coffee Cup WinFax

Who we serve

We serve home offices, small, medium and large sized businesses. Our customers span the world. Many of our clients are within industries of¬†Health Care, Financial, Law, Construction, Wholesale, Retail, Hospitality, Transport and Real Estate. No matter how large or small your business is, we’re proud to be able to provide you personal and professional fax software sales and support.


What a great job GetFaxing did for us. We depend on our faxing software. Thankfully, the tech folks at GetFaxing responded within a day and did a very thorough job in diagnosing and then correcting the problem. It’s so nice to get such great service in such a short time.

John P. Allen, Allen & Allen Barristers Solicitors, Ontario, Canada

The technician not only solved the problem right away, but he also took the time to explain the solution and suggest a strategy to avoid problems in the future.

Thomas Bonanno, U.S.A.

I’d gone to several other tech service sites for faxing and trouble shooting, I’d painstakingly gone through each procedure recommended by these sites and still I was unable to solve my problem. You worked on the problem and didn’t put it down until it was solved. Thank You!! THANK YOU!

Suzanne S., U.S.A.

I am a WinFax Pro user for many years on my job. You are all that you say you are and more. I guess it goes without saying that I have put you in my favourites. I’m so glad I found you..

Shelly W., U.S.A.