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So I tried to add a recieptiant.
I can type a name, anything else crashes WinFax Pro and then WFP disappears (dropping be back to my desktop).

I’ve uninstalled, reinstalled using the default install.
Same problem.

I’d like to mention that after the first 2 installs, when I get to the CSID section I just enter it then click next.
Because adding a fax/phone number crashes the installer, I reboot and there was no Winfax pro icons.
Forcing me to delete it through the Control Panel’s “Add/Remove Software” function.

The Region/Languages Settings thing doesn’t see to help me at all, but I did notice there’s a checkmark in the option for “Install support for east asian languages”.
And the Standards/Formats is English (USA) with the Region set to Canada.
Do either regional setting make a difference?