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I am on-site right now and trying to follow instructions. The fax appears in the outbox, but when I right click over the event there is no “Other” to select. I have the following:

Properties – grayed out, Delete, Open, Create Event – grayed out, copy to, move to, hold, release, kold all, release all, Send now, modify delivery, collapse group.

Now, from this machine, a different one than the one I was using last week, I have a different error. I go into program setup, client, select the host – no errors. When I try to fax, I get the following error message: Win Fax PRO is unable to connect to the WinFAx Pro Host station called whatever. Make sure an account has been created for you on the host station (using the same name/password used to login to your client station). This has been done. What I did is setup ALL machines to log on as Administrator with no password – and these are the settings on the host machine. I can browse this machine no problem, and I can setup the client software with no issues.

K – what next?

PS – I am faxing from inside of ACT 2000.