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    Does anyone know any software that is similar to Winfax 10 Pro? I actually like Winfax but due to many issues we’ve been facing we’re looking for a replacement. I like the features that Winfax has, is it uses an actual databases to store the data not in a shared folder and has the host / client feature. What I also like is that it’s seperate from Outlook and runs independent. I don’t look at emails all day but when a fax comes in there’s a pop-up in the middle of my screen that I’m receiving a new fax. Does anyone has any recommendations?


    Give SnappyFax a try.


    30 day trial version, and its very inexpensive to purchase.

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    If you are upgrading to Windows Vista then you are advised to purchase either Vista Business or Vista Ultimate and use Windows Fax and Scan. This way you get an integrated fax program that is very flexible. Microsoft has made major improvements to the program and, for that reason, is only including it in premium versions of Vista. If you have a lower version of Vista you can upgrade to Ultimate or Business without uninstalling your current Vista product


    With older fax programs it looks like Microsoft changed the coding with Vista and fax capture drivers for older fax programs won’t install.

    If you are still frustrated and are looking for another 3rd party software choice I would recommend FaxTalk. They tell me that they are close to releasing a Vista-capable version. This is the best of the available 3rd party fax programs out there. Phone Tools and Winfax have bitten the dust. Contact FaxTalk Support for information on their Vista release schedule.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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