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    We are sending out a fax to about 200 members and hit the wrong key and made it a long distance call instead of a local one…we have looked everywhere and can’t figure out on how to cancell the whole send job all at once..I have changed the error but cant stop the sending……I found the pause but not the cancell



    Click on the Outbox folder, or click “Go, Outbox”
    Now Cick “Send”, “Hold All.”
    This will “pause / hold” all outgoing faxes (except the if one is currently sending , you can manually cancel that one)

    once you hold all the faxes in the outbox, you can delete them all at once.

    You can select them all by clickng the first one, press and HOLD down Shift key. Press the “END” button.

    Now press Delete. This will remove all the entries in the outbox you’ve selected.

    You can then re-send faxes as required.


    Thankyou very much!!!..that solved our problem…..theres a lot of happy faces around here now! inc. mine


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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