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    Windows XP SP2
    WinFax Pro ver 10.0.2002.1212

    I recently installed WinFax Pro 10, registered and updated it without any problems. Today, when I tried to send a fax for the first time, just as Winfax was negotiating with the intended receiver, my whole system locked up. The only way out was to turn off the power. After the system rebooted, when I tried to open WinFax I received the following message: “Another user on this computer is using WinFax. Please try again later.”

    My system is set up for only 1 user. When I checked the Task Manager to see if I could shut down WinFax from there, WinFax was not listed among any of the running programs or processes.

    I have rebooted several times, run both TuneUp2006 1Click Maintenance and the CCleaner Issues check and the problem still persists.

    Hopefully, there is a rather simple solution for this. I gratefully appreciate any assistance is resolving this.



    you can try the following steps to resolve the problem

    Run Wtnsetup.exe

    Exit all open programs and stop the WinFax PRO service if running Windows NT/ 2000 or XP.
    Click Start, point to Find and choose Files or Folders. The Find dialog box appears.
    Select the drive on which you installed WinFax PRO from the Look In drop-down list.
    In the Named field, type wtnsetup.exe and click Find Now.
    Windows will find and display all files matching your search criteria in the lower half of the Find dialog box.
    Double-click the Wtnsetup.exe file and follow the prompts through reconfiguring WinFax PRO.
    Reboot the system for the changes to take effect.
    Restart WinFax PRO.

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    Well, before I got your reply, I tried a reinstall over the existing version and that resolved the problem, whatever it was.

    I appreciate the suggestion and quick response. Hopefully, I won’t need to try it in the future. 🙂



    Yes, that will work too. A reinstall copies all the install files and also reconfigures WinFax again by running “wtnsetup.exe”. 😀

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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