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    After a registry problem, I need to reinstall WinFAX Pro, but I always bought or upgradeed on line, so all I have are installation programs that go online and get the real program. It appears that there is nothing at Symanted to connect to. I have a dead link. Symantec just reads me the “We no longer…” script.

    I need to find another way to install WinFAX PRO (I think I had v. 10.02). Alternately, can anyone suggest another program and possibly, hopefully, a way to recover my old FAXes. Any advice?

    Thank you,
    Ron McAlister


    Digital River handles downloads for WinFax PRO, you might need to contact them about getting a link to download WinFax PRO 10.03. Since WinFax PRO 10 has now been discontinued by Symantec, I am not sure how they would handle this. If it was a download, you should have some image of WinFax PRO on your hard drive. Also, if you downloaded more than 1 year ago they won’t allow you to download it again.

    cut&paste from Digital River
    I purchased my product more than one year ago
    If you purchased your product more than a year ago, you can no longer download your product. If you do not have your original installation files, you can buy a new version of your product at a discounted price by purchasing an upgrade. Go to our Upgrades and Renewals page, and then choose your product and version to see your upgrade options.

    Check this link, it may help.

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    Thanks for the reply. I do have the WinFAX Pro folder and all files on my HD, but since the registry problem, I can’t find a way to open it. I have clicked on every .exe file in the folder, but nothing starts the program. I have all my data files backed up, plus they are still on the HD in the WinFAX folder.

    I bought the program many years and versions ago, but the latest upgrade was bought on April 11, 2006, less than one year ago. Do I qualify for some sort of reinstall download?

    What programs are others going to? I am getting new computers when Vista is released and I will need a FAXing program. I am ready to invest in new software, but I need access to the old FAXes that on stored on this computer.

    Thank you


    according to the web site, if the purchase for the upgrade was made less than 1 year ago, then you should be able to re-download the file. You’ll need to contact Digital River via the Links above and ask them, I am guessing they will also require some sort of verification that you did purchase the upgrade back in April 2006.

    As for a Vista compatible fax application, I am not aware of any programs that have been announced with Vista compatibility. I believe Microsoft will still bundle their Fax service, but it is very limited when compared to WinFax PRO.

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