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    We had a power failure while broadcasting faxes to our database the very 1st time we tried. We are having acknowledgement errors, unexpected response errors, and in looking through the forums, I have removed ECM and 2d compression, and unchecked hardware flow control. In reading the Winfax help files, they also give instructions for clearing the temp files. So first question is – If I use software cleaner CCleaner, will that remove the corrupted temp files, or do I need to go to DOS mode as Winfax suggests?

    If I need to go into Dos mode – how? I run Windows 2k Pro OS. I can get into SafeMode with Command Prompt, but is that the same as MS-DOS mode? Winfax tells me to change to the folder in the TEMP= line, but does not tell you what command to use to change to the folder.

    Here are the instructions copied from Winfax:

    Situation WinFax and many other Windows programs create temporary files (.TMP files). Sometimes these files can become damaged or are not deleted when they should be. This can occur when you turn off or restart your computer without properly exiting Windows first.

    Solution Delete temporary files as part of your regular system maintenance. To do this, close all programs, exit Windows and restart your computer in MS-DOS mode (do not use a DOS window). At the DOS prompt, type SET and press Enter. The environment variables for your computer system appear. Change to the folder in the TEMP= line. To delete all temporary files in the TEMP folder, type DEL *.TMP and press Enter. To delete all WinFax temporary files, change to the DATA subfolder in your WinFax installation folder and type the same command. Note that you can also delete temporary files from Windows.

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    ccleaner is a specific cleaner for internet applications, and some other specific applications. It will not clean various temporary files created by other applications, like WinFax.

    The easiest method to delete temporary files, is to follow these steps:


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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