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    I am using Winfax Pro 10.02 with Windows XP. I have a Conexant HSF V92 56K PCI Modem connected to an ADSL line via a prolink hurrican 8000 ADSL modem with built in microfilter. I am having trouble negotiating connections with ‘older’ traditional fax machines and inmarsat satellite faxes both sending and receiving. Generally sending gets through after a few tries however it can be slow. receiving is a big problem and a lot of times can’t complete the connection.

    Initialisation string: AT&F&D2&C1+IFC=2,2;S7=55
    Flow Control: AT+IFC=2,2;
    Use Hardware flow control checked
    Reset: ATZ
    (All Default)
    Class 1 Modem
    ECM / Compression unchecked
    TAPI port

    I am considering buying a line splitter – would this help ?

    Any advice appreciated – thanks Paul


    Is the Conexant modem plugged into the filter in the DSL modem? Have you tried just plugging the modem into the phone jack, or use another external filter(if you have one)? sometimes there may be a problem with the filter causing noise preventing you from receiving or sending a fax.


    I am now using a splitter with built in microfilter and seems to be working much better. (no longer connecting fax modem through ADSL modem microfilter – this seemed to be causing the problem)


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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