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    Dear fellow members,

    I have searched across the forum, but could not find a direct answer to my question.

    The following is the case: After many years of happily using winfax, our faxing needs has outgrown my little winfax 10 computer, so now i have contacted a online faxingagency, but they require my addressfiles to be in .XLS (Excell), does anybody here know how to convert a winfax phonebook to Microsoft excel file?

    I hope to hear from you all soon, you guys will be livesavers! 😀



    You will need to perform an export in WinFax.

    1 Start Message Manager.
    2 On the Go menu, click Phonebooks. The Phonebook window opens
    3 In the phonebook list, click the phonebook or folder containing the recipients you want to export.
    4 On the File menu, click Export. The Export Phonebook wizard starts.
    5 In the Format drop-down list, click the appropriate file format and follow the instructions on the screen. Click Next to proceed. *You can choose dBase or ASCII, I’d choose dBase*
    6 On the last panel of the wizard, click Finish to export the phonebook.

    Then, you import your dBASE file into Excel and save it however you want in Excel.


    Thanks alot John!

    It has worked, thanks again for your advice! 🙂

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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