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    Dear Moderator

    Thanks for your answers, I have noticed that Winfax 10.03 PRO it has a lot of bugs specially if you are using on network host / clients.

    BTW I read the document of symantec that you advise me to read

    it did not help me, the username / login, smpt server etc when I input everything on winfax it says that my login / password it is incorrect that check the login/password or smpt server I know that I am inputing correctly because on outlook express / outlook it works ok

    Also there is a SUPER HUGE BUG , I do not know if any of you have experienced this before or know how to fix it but…..

    There is a big big bug winfax pro 10.03 / 10.04 with windows Service Pack 2

    On client computer when I try to read all messages that you have on host the button it is “show all messages”
    It appears this on my notebook computer Gateway

    Now when I type debug it shows me this

    Now on a dell desktop computer where I have the client installed to receive fax see what it appaears when I press the button of “show all messages”


    To see these URL copy and paste to your web browsers as they are and type F11 if you need to see bigger or download the picture to see them in good shape because
    Internet explorer 6.0 resize the picture automatically so you can not read the letters

    that happens when the Host have more than 5 o 7 faxes
    when it have less you have see everything

    Any hint ??

    Have a good weekend


    this could be a problem with the Host machine in how it receives faxes. If you are getting corrupt faxes received, then when the Client tries to view that fax in that message window, WinFax crashes. I believe to solve the problem you can only try to prevent from receiving corrupt faxes on the Host machine. If you try to read the faxes on the Host machine, does WinFax generate an error?


    Hi there back

    No, actually I do not think that I receive corrupt faxes on the host, because I can see them very well with the check mark that is green I believe, when you receive corrup / incomplete faxes you get like a red mark on the received log

    So I do not have red marks / corrup faxes, that’s very weird, I believe that is a big bug from winfax, I do not know if you have experienced that problem , or maybe it is a incompatibility from windows and hardware of dell ( host machine ) who knows, I do not know but it is very weird weird, if you have any hint to try to fix that problem I will appreciate it, thanks

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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