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    I have had to reinstall Windows XP with SP2 and had to format my C drive. Winfax needs to be reinstalled. I don’t have a CD. Trying to install from files on D drive but I am getting a message: Error 102 Setup requires a different version of Windows. Check to make sure you are running Setup on the windows platform for which it is intended.
    I have tried various copies of the Winfax Setup files I have on the D drive – all give me this error. It had worked fine with this version of windows before I had the crash. Any ideas on how to get it reinstalled?


    that error isn’t from WinFax, its from the installer that WinFax PRO 10 uses , which is a product called InstallShield.

    either you don’t have all the proper files on your D: drive for the WinFax install, or there is specific problem with Installshield on your system.

    also, make sure that the file _inst32I.ex_ (the Setup engine file) exists in the source folder.

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Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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