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    You have “cured” my previous issue in regard to “memory could not be read” error and here is the other issue I still deal with:

    Even after reinstalling the printer driver, I experience on a daily basis a Winfax bug with any of these printer driver symptoms:

    1. Only prints the last or first page from a group of pages and it reads “ready” on bottom left of the send dialogue box. At this point, you can successfully send the (incompleted) fax or cancel it successfully.

    2. Only prints the last or first page from a group of pages and it reads “printing” on bottom left of the send dialogue box. If you try to cancel the send, it freezes at the prompt “cancelling send”. Winfax cannot be closed with the task manager or by exiting as it is greyed out.

    3. Does not print any pages at all but reads “ready” on bottom left of the send dialogue box. If you try to send it prompts that winfax is still printing. If you try to cancel the send, it freezes at the prompt “cancelling send”

    In the latter 2 instances, I use the winfax tools no page fix to close winfax and the start controller to restart winfax.


    What version of WinFax PRO are you using (Help, About…) is it 10.0, 10.02 or 10.03?

    Does this problem with printing usually occur when you are printing several pages from a specific program to the WinFax printer driver? If so, what program do you usually generate the fax pages from?

    Do a search for 3 files , WFXSNT40.EXE , WFXMNT40.DLL and WFXMNTHQ.DLL
    (these files will be found in the WindowsSystem32 folder)

    What are the date of these 3 files?

    If you are using 10.03, they should be dated 12/12/2002.
    If you are using 10.02, they should be dated 9/10/2001.
    If you are using 10.0, they should be dated 9/28/2000.


    version 10.03

    It occurs often when printing from a program by Aspire Technologies called Quotewerks but I do believe it may also occur when printing from Outlook but I cannot remember for sure.

    Yes, all 3 files are dated 12/12/02


    ok, the file dates are all correct for your version of WinFax.

    There could be a timing issue on how the printer information is being sent to WinFax (or how WinFax is interpreting that information). It causes some pages to be missed, and in some cases, causes the lock up in the WinFax Send dialog.

    Its difficult to determine if this is specific to the program you are using, or just WinFax not being able to handle this type of print job properly.

    At this time we haven’t been able to determine the exact cause of what you are describing. We do know it does cause the failure that “No Pages Fix” will repair.


    What you are saying makes sense to me in regard to timing.

    Okay, do you think if I were to determine if the error is program-specific this information would be of any help?


    if the error is program specific then you would have to see if there are any special printing features that are available to this program. For example, Microsoft Word has a option called “Background printing”. Its used to speed up printing time, but in some cases can cause problems in WinFax.

    I have no experience with QuoteWerks, but a quick look at their Web site indicates they have (or had) a API link to WinFax. Does QuoteWerks automatically fill in the recipient name & fax number into the WinFax Send dialog?

    You can try this alternative method of sending a fax (this works with any application)

    1. open the send dialog box in WinFax. (Send dialog open, waiting with no documents printed)
    2. print the document in QuoteWerks to the WinFax printer.
    3. document should appear in send dialog. (you can repeat step 2 for other print jobs, or from other applications)
    4. fill in recipient details in send dialog.
    5. send fax.

    the extra step here is opening WinFax send dialog first, instead of allowing the print driver to open the send dialog. If there is a possible timing issue, the send dialog is already open and waiting for the print job from QuoteWerks.


    I will try your suggestion of first opening a send dialogue box.

    thanks so much!


    Let me know if that workaround improves the situation, doesn’t make a difference, or makes it worse 😐

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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