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    Running winfax pro 10.0. XP home Edition, winfax running fine for over 2 years. problem started after recent mobile phone software added to computer. Error message (cannot open the datafile:incorrect file name or) is displayed, I am still able to send faxs but not receive. I have removed all recently added software, I have gone through the trouble shooter and the modem appears to be fine (conexant softk56 modem(m) ) I have slowed the transfer rate to 9600. I receive around 10 faxes per day and have found winfax invaluable for my work. I have seen a similar thread on the forum but as yet no solution, could you please find time to help.


    adjusting your modem settings/speed etc. isn’t going to resolve this, this appears to be file creation problem, but hard to determine the exact problem without more info of your setup. I would recommend a database rebuild, that may help, but make sure you have a backup of your data, because sometimes you can cause more damage to the log files if the rebuild fails. You might want to consider premium support for this, if you’re looking for a timely solution.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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