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    I have 2 different Windows 2000 machines running WinFax Pro 10.02. Just recently both began showing an error, “Drive c: does not have enought available space. Free space on Drive c: and then press OK” even though there is plenty of space. You click OK and then everything continues getting faxed out. It happens once a day and has become rather annoying. Could this be due to a recent Windows update? I have been running these 2 machines for years with this same config without incident. Both began showing the error at the same time. Symantec has no support for the product. Has anyone else had this problem recently?


    Its possible that a disk quota has been set in Windows 2000 for the specific user that is logged in and using WinFax, in this case, WinFax will check the amount of free space left in the users quota (not the entire hard drive) This is the first item I would check.

    there is a problem how winfax checks for free disk space that may be incompatible with larger drives formatted with large cluster sizes. Its obviously a false error message, since you do have enough free disk space.

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Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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