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    Hello, i am having a problem with my winfax pro 10.03, i am getting a error after receiving a fax “cannot open the data file:”

    i am running windows xp Sp2

    i also re-installed the program a few times and also bought a new U.S Robotics 56k extranel modem. they same one i was using before.

    thanks for the help


    Dark Guy

    Did you get this issue fixed? I am having the same problem.



    if its an external USB US Robotics modem, make sure you have the updated firmware for the Modem from 3Com.



    What i did was up-grade the pc’s becuase i need a new one, that worked fine for about 4 months, now i have the same problem again.

    Is yours still broke?



    is this for every fax you receive?
    and how many faxes do you receive ?



    I have the same issue wint 10.3. It suddenly started giving this error with every fax that is receives. I even changed the modem, but same issue.

    Any ideas?




    need more information before I can even begin to give an possible answer. The error you posted isn’t complete, because there is a more detailed description after the error message “Cannot open the data file: ” also you didn’t mention the modem you are using, and the settings in WinFax.

    I believe this may be the full error message
    “Cannot open the data file: incorrect file name or file not exists.”

    You might want to consider using Premium Support, as can review debug logs and determine the cause of the problem.

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Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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