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    Here’s what happened… a few days ago…

    I was using the calendar to check a date in Jan 2010 in the Windows XP Date/Time setting area and I accidentally set the date on my computer to a future date of 01-28-2010.

    I discovered the error a day later after a few files were saved with a future date of 01-28-2010.

    I corrected the computer’s date as soon as I discovered the error – restoring it to the current date of 10-29-2009.

    Since I had received an INCOMING FAX thru WinFAX when the date was incorrectly set to a future date of 01-28-2010 – there is a file in my WinFAX Directory dated 01-28-2010 in the DATA Folder – the file is “STATUS 3” – it’s a WFD file with a Modified Date of 01-28-2010.

    So far – WinFAX is working fine – incoming and outgoing – but I am concerned that something weird will occur when the ACTUAL 01-28-2010 comes around.

    I cannot delete the file since it appears to be a log file and it erases all of my faxes, etc. and makes the program inoperable.

    Any other concerns I should be made aware of?
    Will I encounter any problems with WinFAX on 01-28-2010?

    I cannot change the creation date on the file which remains 01-28-2010.

    Thank you!


    The future date should not pose a problem. Those files affected are index files for the database, that will most likely reset to the current date once you receive additional faxes. WinFax doesn’t use the date/time of the files, but it will generate the actual received fax in your log with the date set in Windows. You will not be able to adjust the date of that specific fax in your receive log unless you delete it.

    If you attempted to reset the creation dates of the files, you would have to first shut down WinFax and the WinFax Service (if it is active). However, I don’t believe this is necessary.

    So just leaving them as is would be the best course of action.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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