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    I’m using WinFax 10.02, win2000, VB.net and Crystal Reports to send faxes. I can send the fax no problem to Winfax but to get the correct FaxID for the sent fax I wan’t to use the event EntryIDReady – but using the withEvents and declaring the EntryIDReady event in a service is not working.
    Basically my service polls a table to get a list of requests to fax via Winfax. I can send the fax request using Crystal Reports – no problem. But to now expand this service I need to get the status of the fax. To do this I need the FaxID that is created for each fax. I’ve looked at the SDKEvents vb6 application in the SDK and have created a VB.net GUI that uses the WithEvents – this works, but when I put this into a service – every time I do WinFax = new CSDKSend I get an error – I’m having to do this with events becuase of the quantity of faxes I’m sending means I can’t just use IsEntryReady(0) where 0 is the index value in the outbox, as If i use this the FaxID’s are all the same and thus will have the same status on checking the faxes status (which by the way I’ve had to write as a VB6 COM to plug into the CSDKLog as it didn’t work in VB.Net) – Has anyone else had this problem (with getting the correct FaxID by using the event EntryReadyID) and resolved it in VB.net?



    I don’t believe any of the SDK functionality will function under a service

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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