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    Hi everyone!,

    Been looking for an answer all over the Web, but there seems to be no easy solution for this.

    The thing is, I have convinced everyone at my office that getting rid of our old fax and using Winfaxpro was the perfect step towards a paper-free office.
    Now, with winfax the secretary receives the faxes at her computer, and then she delivers them by email to each of us at work. The problem is the strange file format of faxes (*.fxm). Of course there is the free fax viewer to open this kind of files, but in a business enviroment pdf has become the day to day standard.

    Is there anything we can do to make winfax pro convert fxm files into pdf?. Is there a fax server program besides winfax which could do such a heroic task?.

    Thanks a gazillion!!.


    WinFax can’t automatically convert to PDF, but you could use tools to export any printer to PDF manually.

    See http://www.primopdf.com for a free pdf printer that can print any WinFax file to PDF format (manually)

    Alternatively, you might want to consider FaxTalk FaxCenter Pro as a replacement to WinFax PRO. You can automatically forward as PDF with this software. More details here:

    Also, FaxTalk is compatible with Windows 7 in the event you upgrade any of your systems – this is not true with WinFax.


    You read my mind. If everything turns out all right I am going to buy Faxtalk Faxcenter Pro.
    I am now using the trial version, but I think it has a good price, and if I get it to work I will no doubt buy it.
    The problem is it does work when sending faxes, no problem with that, but it does not receive them. I have sent a fax to myself using the free service provided by Myfax, you probably know it, this is the website http://www.myfax.com/free/

    I don´t receive the fax, and myfax.com sends me an automated email with the following explanation of why the fax was not delivered. Can you help me?. If I get everything to work I will gladly buy Faxtalk Faxcenter Pro

    Your fax to at +34 968 233 925 was not sent. Your fax could not be delivered because of the following reason:

    Invalid Response:
    The number has been answered, but a fax machine was not detected. This may be because there was a voice, answering machine or modem answer. Other causes may include a problem with the quality of the telephone line, or a fax machine at the destination that does not support current fax standards. Recommendation: Try again at a later time. If the problem persists, contact the recipient to validate the fax number.

    My fax works all right if I use my old fax machine. The settings of My faxtalk faxcenter are mostly untouched since I installed it. If you need more info just ask.

    Thanks a lot.
    Jose Vicente.


    Update: this afternoon I asked a client to send me a fax and it worked! Faxtalk faxcenter pro is great!. However, I fear it is not very reliable, since the fax sent by myfax.com didn´t make it.


    I can’t tell you why the MyFax fax didn’t arrive, it could be any number of reasons for this. It is possible the problem is on the MyFax side if you can receive other faxes. Have you tried receiving more faxes to determine if the problem is with receiving with FaxTalk? How many rings have you set FaxTalk to answer? It is recommended to set it to 2 rings (not 1). What type of fax modem are you using?



    Ok, I´ll try with more different faxes to determine where´s the problem. By the way, my intention is to make this the most reliable system possible. Therefore I will buy a small Dell server and connect it to an UPS (uninterruptible power supply). Since it is going to be on 24/7, 365 days a year, I am thinking of using Windows Server 2008, what do you think?, would this work?, or is Windows 7 better for this task?.

    When I get back to the office I´ll report what kind of modem-fax I have.

    Thanks a Gazillion.


    FaxTalk operates the same under Windows 7 or Windows 2008 Server, so the OS you use isn’t an issue

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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