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    Great forum, folks; saved my bacon after recently discovering Symantec support for Delrina’s great product has all but disappeared!

    Using WinFax Pro v10.04 with fax sharing successfully on a network of Windows XP SP2 peers (and using WinFax since v2).

    While it may take an Ontario-based understanding of Bell to answer the following, maybe some of you elsewhere have run into this challenge:

    For years I’ve wanted to use the …

    Program Setup > Notification and Forwarding

    … capabilities of WinFax – specifically notification of an incoming fax via SMS text to a cell phone (much preferred) or email – but have had no success.

    Regardless of whether I choose to run the Pager or SMS Name Wizard via either ‘Notification and Forwarding’ or ‘Pager and SMS Text Messaging’ from within Program Setup, I’ll need to have two phone numbers – as the ‘Dialing Instructions’ dialog box for SMS text delivery requires.

    While I understand that some mid-’90s paging systems required calling a central dispatch number first, and a unique identity number second, I don’t understand why WinFax would need to dial a “computer terminal” first to deliver an SMS text message to a cell phone.

    To test, I’ve tried inputting my cell phone number twice. WinFax successfully dialed my cell number – and that’s about all.

    Does Bell have a central dispatch telephone number for SMS texting?

    If I choose delivery notification by “email”, WinFax takes me to the Email Properties window, though no email program on my system is displayed in the drop-down box.

    This is strange, given both Eudora Pro (my default client) and Outlook are installed, configured, working, and show up as email options within Internet Explorer > Properties > Programs.

    Wordy, I know – but providing more information up front to speed the process.

    Thanks in advance!


    Thanks for your comments regarding our forum.

    Your question is in two parts, so I will answer part 1 now and follow up with part 2 later.

    SMS is not a new technology, and within the past several years there have been some changes how an SMS message can be sent. In the past, one popular method used to send a message via a computer was to dial a central access number provided by your carrier (Bell Canada) and then provide a pin number along with your pager/cell # that would determine where the message would be sent to. The fax modem would use the “Data” portion of the modem to send the appropriate message to the carrier.

    The SMS/Paging features in WinFax PRO 10 is based on technology that was available approximately 10 years ago. Its possible that your carrier no longer offers a ” central data access number” or “data (TAP compliant) access number” so you cannot dial in using that method. I would check with Bell and determine if they still offer this service.

    update -- here are some Bell Mobility numbers for Canada.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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