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    I’m really not sure how to address this issue.

    The phone lines come into one building to a Nortel BCm50 (switch), fiber optic cable runs to another building, and all of the phones are IP phones, and connected with a data/cat 5 cable.

    what kinda device would i need to go back to analog phone line (if any), and what if the fax machine has a data/cat 5 port could it pick the fax up through that.

    the fax machine is a Brother MFC-5440cn, Im kinda in a toss up here, i think there is a way to do this with out a lot of money.

    you know could i use the computer to pick up the fax?
    see im just thinking a loud here.

    in the office there is a IP phone with a pass through data cable to the computer, please help me make this work.


    I’m not familiar with your specific office setup, but normally, if you have VoIP setup and you have an analog device (such as a fax modem, or fax machine, or regular telephone) you would need an adapter (this is called an Analog Telephone Adapter (usually called an ATA))
    Since your office is using IP Phones, this ATA isn’t required for these types of digital phones. The ATA is only used for the analog devices such as fax machines and computer fax modems.

    You would plug the fax machine into the ATA, and the ATA connects to your VoIP (cat 5 internet data cable) and the ATA would be programmed to support your VoIP service.

    You need to determine if:

    1. These devices would be compatible with your setup since most ATAs I have seen are for residential VoIP services, like Vonage etc. (EDIT: Find out from the manufacturer of the Phone System you have setup what ATA device will work)

    2. If your VoIP setup supports fax. Many have problems with faxing, or require special configurations for faxing support.

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Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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