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    this question is actually for faxtalk multiline server.
    there are many newly created faxes in the outbox but all six lines toggle between idle and establishing connection without actually sending any faxes what can the issue be? there have been no changes to line or modem configuration since last fax campaign.


    Check you are not in off line mode. Faxes are not sent in off-line mode (See File, Work Offline menu option)

    Check that you have a dial tone on each of the fax line(s) you are using. Broken dial tone (voice mail waiting signal) , or no dial tone can cause the modem to cancel the fax.

    Check to ensure the modems are enabled by clicking on Tools, Options, Modem. You should see the modems and Enabled listed under status. If any are listed as disabled, you can enable the modem by selecting the modem and right-clicking “Enable”

    If this does not help (or if the modems were enabled) then try selecting the modem from the list and click Change. Select the proper modem and go through the wizard to setup the modem. Repeat for each modem.

    If that doesn’t work, then check Windows Control Panel, Phone & Modem and confirm each modem is listed and returns a successful response to a query (this can be done by clicking the Modem Properties, Diagnostic Tab) — if not query or modem error here then you have a problem with the modems installed in Windows.


    thank you so much for your detailed reply. I have performed all of the below steps except for the last one as I believe there might be a corrupted outbox folder which is causing the issues. The following symptoms exist:

    When application is opened, the following “main application view error” opens stating “the outbox and sent items log reported 390,410 records but only 390,407 records were found”.

    The actual items listed on the bottom left portion of the outbox window is “0”.

    I have created a total of 8 test faxes which, when reopening the application, disappear fromt he outbox but end up nowhere and not in the sent items folder.

    Is there a method for repairing the possibly corrected folder files?


    Yes what you describe does appears to be a problem with the database.
    Do you (or did you before this problem) have 340,000+ faxes/entries in your Sent Log?
    Have you contacted FaxTalk technical support directly?

    There is a rebuild option available that can check the inbox, outbox and transaction database. You can try this (at your own risk)
    Start FaxTalk Backup program (from the Start, FaxTalk Multiline Server Program Group)
    Click on the “Restore” Tab. (Do not select or click any option here, you are not restoring any data)
    Press F12. (Make sure your keyboard is in normal function key mode, if applicable)
    You should see some pointer activity. After completed, click the “Log” tab.

    When the rebuild is completed, the Log should report something like this:

    Processing Inbox database–XXX records reported, XX records found, X records damaged, X records fixed.
    Processing Outbox database–XXX records reported, XXX records found, X records damaged, X records fixed.
    Processing Transaction database–XXX records reported, XXX records found, X records damaged, X records fixed.


    thanks so much
    outbox log reads: failure during processing

    what we are now noticing is that the fax status box reads 190,000 faxes which is still feeding off of our previous fax campaign but bottom left screen of main oubox window reads only 7 faxes, which are the ones we manually configured for troubleshooting.

    The faxes are now actually transmitting successfully as they are appearing in the sent items, but again, the ones that do not visually appear in the outbox.


    I believe the limit is 100,000 faxes that can be displayed in the outbox but the processing of the outbox items should continue.


    after all this time, there is still a discrepancy between the outbox window and the status box. The Status box reads 190,000 items and the main outbox only 9 items. Lines are still toggling between establishing connection and idle so whereas previously a handful of faxes have successfully transmitted from our previous fax campaign (from items that were not visually displayed in the main outbox), no faxes are transmitting anymore. In your previous post you mentioned that after doing the rebuild, the outbox should read as follows:
    “Processing Transaction database–XXX records reported, XXX records found, X records damaged, X records fixed. “However, instead it read “failure during processing” so I am assuming the necessary repairs have not been performed to the oubox.


    we will eagerly await your reply to the most recent post, thanks!


    @ringadeal wrote:

    “However, instead it read “failure during processing” so I am assuming the necessary repairs have not been performed to the oubox.

    yes, that indicates the rebuild utility wasn’t able to repair the database.

    Here is how you can remove/erase everything out of your outbox/sent items folder/transaction folder and start over with a new database files

    The following process will clear/erase EVERYTHING from your:
    1. Outbox
    2. Sent items folder
    3. Transaction Log.

    Set FaxTalk to Work off-line mode (File, Work Off line) and close FaxTalk. Make sure no faxes are being transmitted/received before you continue.
    Now locate the Outbox folder in the Thought Communications/FaxTalk data folder, to do this — from Start, type “%programdata%” in the search field, press enter.
    This will open the “ProgramData” folder window. Search for and double click the “Thought Communications” folder.
    Double click the “FaxTalk” folder
    Rename the “Outbox” folder to a new name, such as “Outbox-Corrupt”
    Create a new, empty folder called “Outbox”
    Now start FaxTalk, select Work on-line, and send 1 test fax. The logs now should show you an empty sent items folder (0 items), transaction log (0 items) and 1 item in the outbox

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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