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    I have just installed Winfax pro 10.0 onto a PC that is part of an Local area network. My computer does not have a direct phone line to it but does via the router. Is there a way I can use Winfax in this environment with the software provided? Thanks for your consideration


    Just to clarify I have loaded 10.0 on Windows XP SP2


    the simple answer is no, WinFax will require a local fax modem installed on the same PC to send and/or receive faxes.

    if you install WinFax on a local PC with a fax modem you can setup “Fax Sharing”. This allows other computers to fax using this one fax modem on the network. One computer must be running WinFax (we call this machine the WinFax Host) and other computers can conect to this one machine (we call these the WinFax clients), and these clients can now send and receive faxes without having a fax modem installed.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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