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    not sure if this is the correct place for this, but i couldn’t find any other support options for the meta winfax exporter, and a search of these forums didn’t turn anything up.

    i have an old archive of winfax that i pulled off tape backups. i installed winfax 10.03 and used the data i restored from the tape backup. with a little bit of work, i got everything working just fine.

    i downloaded and installed the demo version of the winfax exporter and it appears to be working fine. the problem is that i don’t have any data in the send or receive logs. all the data is under “WinFax Attachments.” I was able to go to “open log file” under “file” and open the file “arch.log,” which appears to have the list of all the attachments listed, but didn’t seem to do anything with them. when i opened the log file, the following showed up on the screen (this is, of course, abbreviated):

    WinFax Archive Log

    Backing up Logs...

    < > E:dataWinFax_ArchivesSLArchi.WFD
    < > E:dataWinFax_ArchivesSLArchi.WFX
    < > E:dataWinFax_ArchivesSLArchiS.WFD
    < > E:dataWinFax_ArchivesSLArchiS.WFX
    < > E:dataWinFax_ArchivesSLArchi2.WFD
    < > E:dataWinFax_ArchivesSLArchi2.WFX
    < > E:dataWinFax_ArchivesSLArchi3.WFD
    < > E:dataWinFax_ArchivesSLArchi3.WFX
    < > E:dataWinFax_ArchivesSLArchi.WFB
    < > E:dataWinFax_ArchivesSLArchi.WFF
    < > E:dataWinFax_ArchivesSLArchi.WFR
    < > E:dataWinFax_ArchivesSLArchi.WFG
    < > E:dataWinFax_ArchivesSLArchiS.WFG
    < > E:dataWinFax_ArchivesSLArchi2.WFG
    < > E:dataWinFax_ArchivesSLArchi3.WFG
    < > E:dataWinFax_ArchivesRLArchi.WFB
    < > E:dataWinFax_Archives5538001.fxr
    < > E:dataWinFax_Archives5533001.fxr

    is there any way to get the meta WinFaxExporter to export this data? is this the proper forum for this post (if not, please tell me what is)?





    I believe meta Exporter can export any message store, not only the default send and receive logs, but I am not sure…This probably can be answered best by Alan McDonald,
    you can reach him here

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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