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    WinFax PRO 10.3
    Language: English version
    VERSION of Windows: Windows XP Media, x32 bit OS.
    Version of Microsoft Word: 2007
    Fax modem manufacturer and model name: Lucent Win Modem
    Initialization string: AT&F&D2&C1&K3S7=55
    Flow control: AT&K3
    Reset: ATZ
    Is it a CLASS 1 modem
    Internal, using TAPI PORT mode

    I can send local faxes, without the 1 –

    , with out problem. Any long distance faxes attempted will connect, negotiate, and then after a short period, disconnect.
    I have tried to reinstall, first uninstalling using Windows uninstall utility and then using the Norton Removal tool. I then inserted the WinFax Pro 10.3 cd and ran a complete install. I still have the problem of not being able to send a long distance fax.


    check to ensure your call is actually being dialed and answered by a remote fax machine. The “negotiating..” message can also appear when a recorded voice answers, so this doesn’t always indicate that a remote fax actually answered the call. Make sure you have the volume turned up on the fax modem if it is external, or turned on in the WinFax settings (if internal)

    if you’ve determined the modem has dialed out properly, and a remote fax has answered on the other side you then need to check if you are using a long distance service provider. Some long distance (low cost long distance) providers route your call via a VoIP connection. This is usually acceptable for voice calls, but fails for faxing. Is the long distance service you are using acceptable for faxing? If your phone is VoIP (like Vonage) you may need to adjust settings for optium fax usage. There is no guarantee that you can send or receive faxes with VoIP phone services.

    If you have DSL high speed internet service, you may require a filter to be added to your fax modem. Your isp can tell you if you require a filter for all your telephones, this also is required for fax modems and telephone answering machines. Filters are usually supplied by your ISP or can be purchased from them .

    The other check is to try more than one fax number, you could be experiencing a problem with a specific fax number. Try a few different numbers if you can. If the result is the same for long distance only, then it may point to the long distance service you are using.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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