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    I just purchased FAX Talk and so far I am happy with it on my new Windows Pro 7 computer.

    My older XP computer had WinFax Pro 10.0 installed and it works beautifully but I am moving everything over to the new computer.

    I moved over the WinFax folder because it contains all of the faxes I received and sent with WinFax on the XP machine.

    I need to know if I can open these without installing the WinFax software on the new computer.

    If I install it – I do not want it to interfere with the new Fax Talk software which seems to be operating fine.


    I do need to have access to all of those older faxes periodically and I need a solution.

    I have the Winfax Pro 10.0 software disk so I could load it simply to open those older fax files –
    but when I do the setup of the program it will try to become my default software program – yes?

    Won’t this mess up Fax Talk?

    Thank you.


    You can install WinFax PRO on your Windows 7 machine, but there will be some warning/compatibility messages and an a possible error message about the installation of the printer driver during the installation. This is normal, and can be ignored. You won’t be using WinFax to send faxes, so the printer driver isn’t required. WinFax will be used as the front end to view your existing faxes and nothing else.

    You’ll need to first make sure your WinFax data from your old machine is copied to the appropriate folder on your Windows 7 machine, for example, if on your old machine all the data was stored in c:program fileswinfaxdata, then you need to replicate that to your new machine, C:Program FilesWinFaxData. This is done so when install WinFax it will automatically find your existing data folder and use this data.

    The important part after you install WinFax is you need to make sure that WinFax isn’t set to auto-receive mode (so it won’t interfere with FaxTalk) and that the WinFax PRO Service is set to “Disabled”. By default, the WinFax Service will be installed and it will be set to start with Windows automatically. This will take over the fax modem from FaxTalk, so you want to disable it. You can easily disable the WinFax Service by clicking the Windows 7 icon, then type “services.msc” in the Search field and press Enter. This will open the Services window, where you then search for “WinFax PRO” in the list (it will be near the bottom). Double-click the entry, then click STOP to stop the service. Wait until it has been stopped, then select “Disabled” from the Startup type dropdown list. It is now disabled. You will also need to turn auto-receive off in WinFax from the Setup menu options.

    You should now be able to use WinFax and FaxTalk on the same computer and WinFax will only be used to view the existing faxes. You can also perform an import of your phonebooks from WinFax into a FaxTalk contact list, and WinFax faxes into your FaxTalk File Cabinet if you want to at this point.
    Hope this helps.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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