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    WIN XP SP2; Outlook 2003; Winfax 10.03

    I see my Outlook “Contact” folder in the winfax phonebook. I would like to inlclude some of the subfolders of “contacts”. Do you have any idea if and how to do it?



    This does not work in WinFax. Short of moving those contacts out of the folder into the main folder, I am not aware of any other method to fix this . Symantec had a solution to this issue, but I don’t believe it works.


    You have Outlook 2000 or Outlook 2002 integrated with WinFax PRO and you have created sub-folders under Contacts within Outlook. When you view the Contacts folder within WinFax PRO, the Contacts folder appears, but the sub-folders do not.

    Symantec does not support using second-level Outlook folders as address books. You can try the following workaround to resolve the problem, but we cannot guarantee the results.

    To reconfigure Outlook folders:

    Close the WinFax Controller and any open WinFax windows or dialog boxes.
    Reconfigure Outlook:
    Open Outlook, click View, point to Go To, and then click Contacts.
    Open the sub-folder that you want to add to the WinFax phone book.
    Right-click the sub-folder, and then click Properties.
    Click the Outlook Address Book tab.
    Place a check mark next to “Show this folder as an e-mail Address Book”, and then click OK.
    Repeat step 2.b through 2.e for each sub-folder that you want to view within WinFax PRO.
    Close Outlook.
    Restart WinFax PRO.

    You now see the sub-folder listed within the Microsoft Exchange/Outlook address book.

    NOTE: Sub-folders are visible within the Microsoft Exchange/Outlook address book. They do not appear within the autolink Outlook address book.

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    Dear JohnD,

    Thanks for you assistance but as stated it didn’t work in my case. I have Outlook 2003 (and not 2000 or 2002) and the suggested settings are the default anyway. If someone has any further suggestions it would be welcomed.



    I don’t believe there is any workaround to view the sub-folders in WinFax

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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