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    I’m using Winfax 10.03 (which came as-is off the CD, in a retail box from CDW), Windows XP, and Word XP. Word’s mail merge to WinFax feature is not working. I get an automation error.

    I’ve read a few times in this forum that Winfax 10.02 doesn’t work w/ Windows XP (specifically the SDK), but does anyone have a definitive answer on if 10.03 works?

    I’m just trying to use advertised functionality to merge from within Word.

    Technically, the Word macros are using the COM objects (which Symantec probably referes to as using the SDK). I checked out Symantec’s code in the Word templace they provide. Symantec’s macro creates the object w/out problem:

    Set WinFaxCovers = CreateObject("WinFax.CoverPages")

    But it’s the very next line that uses the newly created object that fails:

    For I = 1 To WinFaxCovers.Count

    This line generates the following error message:

    Run-time error ‘-2147417851′ (80010105)’:
    Automation error
    The server threw an exception.

    …which just a generic OLE Automation error message.

    Anyway, I’ve seen the references in this forum to the fact that 10.02 SDK doesn’t work with Windows XP. Also, technically the Word macros make use of the “SDK”. But two facts make me bring up this question:
    1. I’m using 10.03, not 10.02.
    2. I find it very hard to believe that Symantec didn’t test one of it’s primarily advertised out-of-the-box features, that being a Word fax mail-merge. I haven’t customized a thing, it’s their own Word XP/2002 template. Heck, the file is even named Wfwrd2k2.dot, which would imply it’s made for Word 2002.

    Any insight out there?


    WinFax PRO 10 was designed and developed well before the introduction of Windows Xp. It wasn’t until version 10.02 build of WinFax that they officially supported Windows XP.

    Also the error you mention about the cover page isn’t SDK/XP incompatibility, it can be fixed by renaming the COVER.db file.


    Let us know if the macro actually runs properly under Windows XP

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    That must have been it. Thx!

    The fax mail merge feature works great using version 10.03 from Word XP on Windows XP.

    There’s one caveat, however. I was getting inconsistent results. From time to time, nothing would happen. However, if I start WinFax manually (by opening the Message Manager, for example) and wait for the little icon in the system tray to show up, Word’s fax mail merge works 100% of the time.

    Go figure, but it works.

    I’m also getting 100% success rate merging Access data FROM Access VB code, assembling Word documents via COM/Automation, and printing to the WinFax driver. Similarly, I was having inconsistent results until I started manually starting WinFax first.

    At first, when printing from Word to the WinFax driver (via Word Automation objects, not from the UI), the document would appear in the print spooler, then disappear w/out a trace. I managed to stumble upon a solution. Before setting Word’s active printer to the Winfax printer, I had to run the following line of code:

    wordDoc.Compatibility(wdUsePrinterMetrics) = True

    …where the variable wordDoc is of type Word.Document. After setting that property, the document left the spooler AND went into Winfax like it was supposed to.


    Thanks for the info. I believe using “Background printing” mode in Word can cause a problem (at least we found this to be a problem in most cases) You can check this under Tools, Options, Print.

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