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    Can winfax data be repaired?

    Every few years, because the program becomes corrupted, I have had to reinstall Winfax and create a new data file.

    I have still have the old data files contained in different folders. The data no longer appears in the program as the program does not tap into it.

    Can the data be manually moved and repaired and then combined with the new data ?

    Using the utility to move the data is not an option as it has since been moved from it’s original location.



    its possible, it really depends what is wrong with the original logs and if all the data is still there.

    we don’t recommend combining all your data into one large send/receive log, because that is likely the cause of the problems your experiencing every few years (as your log entries get larger)


    JohnD…Thnak for your reply !

    I definitely have the .AAR, .CVR, FXR, .FXD, .FXS, .IND and Status Files. I’m not to sure of the state of the Status files however.

    Since some files were manually moved….the .IND files would need to be edited. Do you know what the syntax of this data file is ?

    I don’t know what Status files do or how they are supposed to be structured.

    Ideally I would like to hand this off to someone who could do it for me.

    I keep everything in the Send/Recieve log as you say….How would you order the datal while still having access to them through the Control Manager ?


    We’ve done this many times before for our clients, we can prepare a directory that you can directly access in WinFax.

    If your logs files are not damaged beyond repair, we can fix them and allow you to access the data directly in WinFax again.

    What we require to do this is a copy (zipped) of your previous DATA directory (this may be quite large), and then we convert it to a non-default message store so it can be used in WinFax again as a seperate archive log, not interfering with your existing WinFax data.

    if you are interested in this service, contact us via e-mail link at http://www.getfaxing.com/contactus.htm

    once we determine how much data we’re talking about, we can quote you a price for this task.

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Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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