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    I finally upgraded to win xp from win2k. I uninstalled winfax 10.02 before the upgrade. After upgrading and installing all windows updates to xp, I tried reinstalling winfax 10.02 from CD, but the install fails. It typically dies when I try to enter data into one of the fields of a dialog when it is asking for CSID. Anybody know what exactly causes this problem? Or, even better, how to fix it?


    @Moderator wrote:


    Thanks, but I can’t afford to buy a subscription at this time.

    I would still be interested in knowing what the cause of the problem is, even without the solution.


    the problem isn’t specifically SP3, but appears to be something that is added to the OS (OS System files) with the installation of Internet Explorer 7.

    It doesn’t occur on all systems, so it is difficult to determine the cause of the problem.



    I was able to finally successfully install by simply ignoring the fields that cause the problems. While this will omit some CSID info, hopefully that will not be too bad (e.g., like some receivers refusing to connect without a CSID number).

    Some day I might try uninstalling IE and see if that helps (and/or installing various visual basic runtimes that it seems might also be part of the problem). I think that in general, this type of problem is caused by a wrong gui runtime, so the vb fix seems very promising, unless it ends up breaking something else.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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