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    As administrator of a legal firm, I am engaged recently again in Winfax sharing (and macro which I posted threads elsewhere in this forum). I encountered the following server-busy dialogue in two of my pcs when I wanna to have Winfax sharing.

    I encountered something like “Server is busy” wording in a open dialogue box with two choice for you to choose, either switch to or retry. Either choices leads you to nowhere and you cannot cancel such dialogue box. I saw the task manager with “setupdcc.exe” holding this process but this only holds me almost zero resources in task manager.

    I have seen the above busy-server dialogue box in two of my pc. Both of my pc are running Window XP. But another third XP client can successfully share winfax with my server. For this third client, we have tried to create a new adminstrator account both under this pc and under the server. We tried this creation of admin account in the first two PCs but failed in winfax sharing. (Also tried creating another new admin accounts other than that of the third pc’s one to prevent overworking one single admin account – does it matter for overworking one single admin account for winfax sharing?)

    What is the problem for such busy message? Is it cos of service setting of window? Is it the setting of remote Access Permission to Com for Anonymous Logon users? Is it the setting of remote activation Launch Permission to Com for Anonymous users? And is it the setting of Winfax.Attachment DCom for Anonymous Logon users? But I am afraid not the latter three reasons but I will figure it out soon tomorrow.

    For the third XP which I mentioned for its successful winfax sharing, its Oleaut32.dll is different from that of server for their version. So I believe the oleaut32.dll is not the reason behind its success and thus is not an option for my trying the first two XP client. (But if you disagree, I might try it but the question is that I can overwrite it with that version of winfax server but the version still keep unchanged after the overwriting…)

    Pls advise. Any advice will be fully appreciated. :;):

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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