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    I have been using WinFax Pro 10.0 for years with a Nokia CardPhone 2.0 GSM PC-card on various laptops
    and it always worked fine.

    Since last week, I can no longer connect and I am getting Error Messages like “TAPI-Modem can not be accessed”

    I have removed and reinstalled the Nokia PC-Card, I have
    removed and reinstalled the modem in the setup window…
    no success…

    Then I have tried the same with the somewhat newer
    Nokia D211 card… same problem…

    I am travelling for business a lot and need to use WinFax
    via GSM connection because very often I have no access
    to a phone line.

    Any ideas? Thanks for help!



    These type of errors indicate another application is using the modem or accessing the modem, or a possible problem with the TAPI configuration in Windows.

    Here are some steps you can try:

    TAPI / WinFax related documents
    TAPI+WinFax Search Knowledge base

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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