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    I have noticed when I open viewer to review fax it loses options in the toolbar like if you want to print in bold or underline your print in a text box. I have got around it by clicking tools and then customize toolbars then check or uncheck large buttons and all the options in the toolbar returns. IS THERE A BETTER WAY TO KEEP ALL OPTIONS ON THE TOOLBAR?


    Log verfication occurs when WinFax wasn’t shut down properly. This is common occurance when you have WinFax open (Active), and shut down your PC. To avoid this problem, close down WinFax and the Controller manually before shutting down the PC.

    As for the Toolbars. I am not sure of this issue. View, Toolbars should show the Toolbar. Does this not display the toolbar?
    when I open the viewer, it always shows the toolbar.


    On the viewer I do see some toolbars always but not all of them. when you open the viewer and click on tools then customize toolbars I see 4 different types of toolbars. what I notice is if you wanted to click text box to type something on fax, the bold,italic and underline has disappeared for one thing, print preview or print, open page or rotate page buttons also disappear on toolbars but if I go to tools and custmize toolbars and checkmark large buttons or uncheck it if it was already checked the bold,italics,underline options reappear as well as all the options in the toolbars. I dont know which of the four toolbars is losing options on a daily basis and happens frequently or on restart even though I closed program and controller before shutting down.
    As far as log verification issue that has stoped after shutting down controller and program before shutting off computer as you mentioned to do. Please let me know if you need any additional information regarding the toolbar issue. I have not notice problem when sending faxes and annotate, mainly just when you receive fax and open viewer.


    It has been over a week and I never seen this much of a late reply. Either this is something you do not know how to resolve and cant be fixed or your still trying to figure out a solution. In any case this is not a huge problem and you have been the only one to solve not some BUT ALL MY HUGE ISSUES. if you can let me know if this is a problem that can be fixed or is just how winfax works.


    I haven’t been able to reproduce the problem, either I am not doing the same steps you are or it just doesn’t occur on my machine. Since there are so many different methods of doing the same task in WinFax, you should list the exact steps you perform when this problem occurs. If you can’t always reproduce the problem it makes troubleshooting difficult.

    There is a registry key that keeps all the toolbar settings, and if this is corrupt it could cause problems in the viewer toolbar options. There is an easy way to reset this, so if there is a problem it can be reset to the default values and you can try the tool bar options again. Note that when you perform these steps, you will lose any custom toolbar settings in the Fax Viewer that you have configured.

    Resetting the Toolbar settings for the Fax Viewer Using WinFax Tools:

    Before following these steps, close down WinFax and Controller if it is active.
    1. Click Install & Setup Tools button (from WinFax Tools)
    2. Click Start SymDiag button
    3. Click Yes to continue.
    4. Click OK to SymDiag warning message.
    5. Click Restore Default Settings button.
    6. Select “Fax Viewer Toolbar” from the list (2nd in the list) – make sure this is the only option selected.
    7. Click Reset button.
    8. You should see “Registry key(s) successfully removed” message. Click OK.
    9. Click Close.
    10. Click Close Again.
    11. Click NO to start Message Manager.
    12. Click Close in the WinFax Tools dialog box.
    13. Click Start Controller in WinFax Tools.


    Thankyou I have followed the steps and all the options on the toolbars are there that was not there before I followed your steps.
    Then I closed winfax(only winfax not the controller) and reopened winfax. from the receive log I opened viewer for fax received. again it does not show the command toolbar. if I click tools in the viewer then click customize toolbars I see 4 toolbars, 1st command toolbar, 2nd. utility toolbar, 3rd. Drawing toolbar, 4th. font toolbar. without making any changes and clicking ok the command toolbar returns on the viewer. however close winfax and reopen winfax and the command toolbar disapears again. I can create this problem 100 percent of the time by closing winfax and reopening it. Also clicking tools on top and then clicking setup i see there is a check mark on use settings from last session. even if you uncheck it there is no change. I have left it with a checkmark to use settings from last session. this additional information I hope is helpful on troubleshooting but please let me know if and what additional information could be useful.


    I was able to reproduce this problem, but in my case I am missing both Command and Utility Toolbars after starting WinFax again.


    I am starting to think I am making headway at getting winfaxpro in top order now that its yours too. first time I tell you problem and it occours with yours too. I must say you have helped tremendously. I think its command and utility bar with mine as well too. I have giving you a brand new issue never known before. Can you see if it can be fixed? Being new problem I understand it may take a several days or week to study and see if it can be worked out. My only other issue is winfax wont back up which is common problem I see in forum and in some cases it wont back up for various reasons. I will post a new topic when I get to addressing that. I am just giving myself kudos or a pat on the back now because I finally cant blame my system or me, but then I have been at it for 5 months doing everything you instruct and say is best to use with winfax. No way I could have done it or got this far without you. Can you see if the toolbar can be fixed and let me know?


    it appears to be a bug that was never fixed.

    I managed to find this reference to the problem,

    I’ll see if I can determine the cause of the problem, but I doubt there is an easy solution.

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