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    is there a way to transfer winfax settings such as user settings and dialing properties from one pc to another?


    If both the old computer and new computer have WinFax installed in the same folder (example c:program fileswinfax), then this can be easily done. The quickest/easiest method would be to make a backup archive file (WFA) on the old computer using the WinFax Backup tool. Include only the items you want to backup, such as user settings.

    Then copy the .WFA backup file that you created on the old computer to a folder on the new computer. Start WinFax (on the new computer) and perform a restore operation using the same WinFax Backup Tool, selecting only the items you want to restore from the WFA file . Make sure you use the options under the “Restore” tab.

    It is recommend to have a backup of the new computer before performing a restore, incase the restore fails or you select the wrong option (it will overwrite data and you can lose WinFax data )

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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