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    host machine receives faxes; client gets popup window showing the fax.
    client can’t view, etc using message manager…..so i guess the question is…..how do i get the fax from host to client?

    trying to use winfax pro on network (novell 4.0); host machine & 1 client runs win2000; 5 others run XP.
    2 phone/fax lines into one modem on host machine.

    (okay I know there are probably several issues there but don’t know where to start and NONE of my local tech support people are available.)


    What do you see when you try to view the fax? If you get a pop up message, then it did detect the received fax from the Host properly.

    Can you read the fax properly on the Host machine?

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    yes, we get the pop up notice from host machine & can read it & do all the “wonderful” things winfax pro claims with it.

    today’s (thursday 5.20.04) issue is being able to view the fax itself from message manager & then do the things with it we wish to do while at the client station. 🙁

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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