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    Using WinXP & WordPefect12 & WFP 10.02, but could be another — can’t locate if it’s 10.02, 03, or 04.

    For years I’ve been faxing from WordPerfect by first opening WFP as evidenced by it’s icon in the right side of the taskbar where icons of running programs are seen.

    Suddenly today when WFP was selected as the printer, it would print to the default printer, not WFP. After a few hours discovered that if WFP was changed to be the default printer, it would work.

    Any ideas on how to overcome this would be appreciated.


    Confirm if the problem exists from other Windows applications, such as Wordpad, notepad or any other application that you can print from (eg. File, Print, Select WinFax as the printer, then OK) . If everything works as it should from other applications, then it may be a specific Word Perfect 12 printing problem.

    Help, About from WinFax Fax Manager will display version info.


    Thanks for the speedy reply. Believe it or not the difficulty mysteriously went away. I had rebooted a couple of times which didn’t fix it. Now, I’ve gone back to a windows restore point from yesterday, so perhaps something occurred this morning or perhaps it’s just coincidental — earlier it wouldn’t open WFP until I changed WFP to be the default printer. Then it worked and I sent 2 faxes, but didn’t try it using other printers as the default. Now have changed the default printer to 2 others and WFP continues to work.

    Don’t find WFP fax mgr. Do find WFP Message Mgr and click on Help/About and nothing happens.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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