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    What is the best internal modem for Winfax?

    My software based modem just died and I’m looking to get a more solid hardware based modem.


    most (if not all) manufactured internal modems these days are software based, and some software based modems are better than others.

    If you buy a software based modem, make sure it has a built in Digital Signal Processor (DSP). The better software modems include a DSP, which off-loads some of the processing of the modem communications to the modem hardware instead of the PC.

    Don’t be fooled by vendors saying a modem is a “hardware” modem because it has a DSP built in.

    It is not a hardware modem. A “true” hardware modem adds a communications port to your PC. It doesn’t emulate one, via a software driver that you must install.

    Most (if not all) vendors have stopped making hardware only modems in internal format long ago, because they are more expensive to make since software can emulate the chips (why add the extra chips and cost?)

    Your modem is software based if:

    – referred as Soft or HSP or Win modem

    – called a Controllerless Modem

    – usually works in Windows only, sometimes hacks for Linux are available.

    Your modem is hardware based if:

    – It has a DSP & a controller

    – It has a hardware UART

    – It can work in Windows, DOS, Linux etc.

    So, what are the best modems for WinFax? Well, here is my order, order from recommended to least recommended.

    Class 1 or Class 2/2.0 compatible fax modems:

    1. Hardware based, External Serial Modems.
    2. Hardware based, Internal Modems.
    3. Software based, Internal Modems with DSP hardware
    4. Software based, Internal Modems.
    5. Software or Hardware based USB Modems.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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