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    I have Winfax 10.02 and Windows 2000 Pro with service pack 4.

    In the message manager when a fax was unsuccesful (usually because of a “no answer”) I highlight it and right click and then choose “send now” to resend it-it does not include my annotations that I had added to the cover page. (I should say that they don’t show up on the message manager thumbnail view anyway)

    How can I fix this problem short of starting a whole new fax to the recipient?


    Once you have made the annotations to the fax, click File, and then click Save.
    Click Yes when asked if you want to save the Annotation Layer. The changes are saved.
    This should apply when you resubmit the fax as well.


    When you click return after making annotations it always asks if you want to save, and I always do, but the annotations still disappear on retries. I started manually saving them from the file menu, but same problem.


    what do you mean re-tries? Are you resubmitting the fax, and if so, how are you doing this? or does the fax fail, and try to resend ? What type of annotation are you adding to the fax? Are you changing a winfax cover page, or attachment/output from another application?

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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