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    I intend to remove Norton Anti-Virus in order to install Norton Internet Security 2008. Instructions from Dave Tayor are to remove all “Norton” and all “Symantec” files, including those in the Registry. If I follow those instuctions to the letter will I also remove WinFax in addition to NAV?


    The only reason you should manually remove files or registry keys to remove an installation is when the uninstall fails from the Add/Remove Programs in the Control Panel. Have you tried uninstalling this method first? and if it has failed, have you tried using the SymClean tools from Symantec’s Web site to remove an older version of Norton Anti-Virus?

    When manually removing shared Symantec files and Symantec registry keys there is always a chance you will remove keys that may be related to WinFax.

    Most of the registry keys related to WinFax are stored in the “Delrina” key, not “Symantec” but some keys related to uninstall and third party integration are stored in Symantec keys.

    As well, some installations of WinFax PRO 10.0 are in a sub folder of Symantec (C:Program FilesSymantecWinFax) or (C:Program FilesWinFax)

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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