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    I am using winfax 10.02 with SDK. Attaching a MS Word file through code using .addattachement.

    But the winfax does not print the document and hangs in the middle of the process. Nothing actually happens in the winfax message center at all. The code I am using is

    Public Sub sendfax(strnumber As String, strattachmentfile As String, strsubject As String)
    Dim ret As Integer
    Dim strRecipient As String
    Dim RetCode
    MsgBox strnumber
    ‘ variables to manipulate the WinFax SDK
    Dim sendObj As Object ‘CSDKSend ‘
    Set sendObj = CreateObject(“WinFax.SDKSend8.0”)
    RetCode = sendObj.SetClientID(“Client Name”)
    strRecipient = “Alfa Chennai (i) Pvt Ltd”
    RetCode = sendObj.SetTo(strRecipient)
    RetCode = sendObj.SetNumber(strnumber)
    RetCode = sendObj.AddAttachmentFile(strattachmentfile)
    RetCode = sendObj.SetTypeByName(“Fax”)

    RetCode = sendObj.SetResolution(1)
    RetCode = sendObj.SetDeleteAfterSend(1)
    RetCode = sendObj.SetQuickCover(1)
    RetCode = sendObj.SetSubject(“This is the Subject”)
    RetCode = sendObj.SetCoverText(” ” & “This is the Cover Text”)
    RetCode = sendObj.ShowCallProgess(1)
    RetCode = sendObj.AddRecipient()

    RetCode = sendObj.SetPrintFromApp(1)
    RetCode = sendObj.ShowSendScreen(1)
    ret = sendObj.Send(1)
    Do While sendObj.IsReadyToPrint = 0

    Do While sendObj.IsEntryIDReady(0) <> 1

    If ret <> 0 Then
    MsgBox “There was an Error sending the fax!”
    End If
    Set sendObj = Nothing
    End Sub

    Urgently help


    If you are using Windows XP, I would recommend obtaining version 10.03 from Symantec (then you can update to version 10.04 using a patch file)

    also recommend turning off “background printing” in Microsoft Word (in the Print settings)

    The other alternative would be to use version 10.0, or 10.01 instead. There is a known problem with the SDK and Windows XP using WinFax PRO version 10.02


    How do I get the 10.03 version?


    @theywood wrote:

    How do I get the 10.03 version?

    You can try “LiveUpdate” from the Help Menu. If that doesn’t update you, you’ll need to contact Symantec to have them send you a 10.03 CD ROM. You’ll probably have to provide some sort of proof of purchase for your current version.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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