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    I have made Warehouse application in Delphi which sends faxes to Winfax using DDE. I used WinFax 9.x before 10.03 and everything was fine. With this new verson when I try to send fax I get dialog with explanation that fax is printing and that dialog stays forever. When I change Mode of transfer to BFT (binary file transfer) instead of Fax (to avoid printing) everything is fine. Also, if I turn on showsendscreen it also works OK. Problem is Fax mode with showsendscreen(“0”). I tried to install 9.x version on XP and it works fine without changes I mentioned in pervious sentence. Our customers request not to show sendscreen. As I read about those problems in meny messages on the Internet not only on this forum, I can’t believe that Symantec ignore this problem so long. Can anybody help me?
    Thanks in advance.
    Sanja Petrovic


    For Windows XP your only solution is version 10.0 or 10.01

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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