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    In the receive log failed faxes are not listed, which means I can’t determine if someone has attempted to send a fax. This has only happened since installing Winfax Pro 10.03. Using Winfax Pro 10 on another PC list the failed faxes in the receive log.

    Any Advice, Thanks


    try running rebuild.bat from the WinFax folder, and select “status.wfb” for the file to rebuild. Make sure you close WinFax and the Controller first before starting rebuild.bat


    Thanks for the reply.

    However I used rebuild.bat to rebuild status.wfb and the program reported that it was rebuilt successfully but still the failed faxes are not showing in the receive log.

    Any further suggestions appreciated.


    Try sending a multipage fax to yourself to test, cancel the fax after the 1st page and watch to see if WinFax has received the first page.

    if the failed fax doesn’t appear in the log, then try sorting the logs by the date/time so the latest events appear at the top of the list.



    Yes when I sent a 2page fax, and cancelled after 1page was sent, it appears as a failed fax in the received log.

    However, when I ring the fax number from an ordinary phone, and hang up shortly after the Winfax answers the call, it is not logged in the receive log. This was recorded in Winfax 10.0 on an older PC. Also last week some clients complained they couldn’t get a fax sent to us, but there was no record of them trying in the receive log.

    Any further suggestions?
    Thanks again


    In general, WinFax doesn’t record every call it receives if the fax process was not started. If the fax handshaking occured, then a record of the fax will be recorded in the log, otherwise, the call is ignored and not entered into the receive log.

    You can force WinFax to record every call by modifying a registry setting

    Do not attempt unless you are familiar with the Windows Registry and modifying values in the registry. An incorrect entry, or mistake by deleting the wrong key can cause major problems.

    To Change the registry key value

    In the Registry Editor, locate and select the following key. This key is:


    On the right side of the window, double-click the LogAllCalls entry. This will open an Edit DWORD Value window.
    Most likely, the value is set to “0” (zero)

    Change the value to:


    and click OK.

    Now Start WinFax PRO and test by clicking on Receive, Manual Receive Now. Choose Yes to receive. Allow the receive to fail, and it should remain in the receive log as a failed phone call.

    Possible values for WinFax PRO are 0, 1, 2, 3

    – Turned off, no logging (value 0)
    – Logs abandoned or unanswered calls (value 1)
    – Calls without a fax message (value 2)

    Failed faxes are not considered abandoned or unanswered, or without a fax message and they are logged as failed events in the receive log.

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    I edited the registry key and now all calls are logged. Thanks again for solving my problem.


    Glad that helped.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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