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    Hello Everybody, I am an IT support engineer and am building a new machine for somebody. They are currently using Winfax 10.03 which I believe to have now been discontinued.

    The problem is the customer has lost his CD. This application is absolutely vital for his business so I need some way of working this out.

    I can find a version of Winfax 10 available for purchase but would a backup and restore to a previous version (from 10.03 to 10) work.

    Or If I purchase Winfax 10 will it automatically update itself to 10.03.

    Where is the best place to purchase Winfax (albeit I know it has been discontinued)


    there are no upgrade files that you can download to update a version 10.0x to 10.03, you have to install a full version of 10.03 from the CD ROM.

    If you find a boxed version of WinFax PRO 10 at a store, you can verify which version it is by looking at the bar-code area at the top or bottom of the box flaps. It will show 10.0, 10.02 or 10.03 somewhere in the text.

    You can also find WinFax PRO 10.03 on eBay. I usually see many listed there, but sometimes you’ll only get a paper-sleeve CD ROM version of it. I don’t know the legality of this, but I would recommend getting a boxed version with a manual to stay legal.


    So there isnt anywhere to buy 10.03 online for something like next day delivery (or a way to avoid ebay)??


    you can try clicking on the “WinFax” link beside “Google Ads” above, I found a site listed there that sold WinFax PRO 10.03. don’t know about quality of their service, or if they can ship overnight. I’m sure you can probably find someone on-line that can using the links above.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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